The New York State Law Enforcement Council (LEC) unveiled its legislative agenda for 2010. The legislative priorities are 1) expanding the state DNA databank to include all crimes on arrest, 2) curbing gang violence through the creation of appropriate penalties, 3) requiring that all new semi-automatic weapons be equipped with microstamping technology, 4) safeguarding our children through a felony endangerment law that applies when a person in a position of trust inflicts serious or repeated abuse on a child, 5) modernizing the identity theft laws to provide penalties that are similar to other crimes, such as larceny, and 6) enhancing protections for police officers.

Bronx County District Attorney Robert T. Johnson, the new counsel to the LEC, said, “I would like to thank District Attorney Morgenthau for his service as counsel for the Law Enforcement Council. I look forward to working with this organization in the future. These legislative priorities represent issues that New York’s law enforcement community agrees are paramount to protect the public and safeguard New York’s finest.”

Newly-elected New York County District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., said, “I am proud that my office continues to coordinate the Law Enforcement Council in these important endeavors. The broad range of issues that the Council addresses, from DNA expansion to comprehensive identity theft legislation, evidences the enormity of the work that the member agencies undertake to reduce crime and ensure that our communities remain vibrant.”

The Law Enforcement Council is mindful of the budgetary constraints that the state is operating within and has developed these legislative priorities such that they do not create a financial burden for the state, and in the long run are cost-savers.