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Road rage & Townsend propaganda

This is a discussion on Road rage & Townsend propaganda within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Bandolero Dump trucks always have the right of way. :) You would think so, but, in this particular area, it's a common ...

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Thread: Road rage & Townsend propaganda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandolero View Post
    Dump trucks always have the right of way. :)
    You would think so, but, in this particular area, it's a common thing to see small compact cars trying to muscle 18 wheelers around.

    I commute on this stretch of I-95 via a Greyhound style commuter bus, and I am amazed at what I see.

    Dave, I did notice the media bias, but that's nothing new. Especially coming from NoVa.
    Don't believe what you hear and only half of what you see!
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    Really? This is totally made-up BS. Study after study have shown the exact opposite!

    The author of the article may be confused however, as my statistic are conclusive and prove that "gun-toting drivers are more likely to become involved in road rage incidents when a gun is used"

    Unbelievable BS!
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    you know...I kinda have to hold judgement on this one. Jjust going off what this comment was:
    “I was right behind the shooter’s car, and that dump truck rammed the Jaguar on purpose. And then, when he backed up and the two interlocked their fenders, the dump truck again rammed that Jaguar, on the driver’s side on purpose,” said motorist Jim Leavells, who was behind the Jaguar.
    If this indeed was what was going on... I'm not so sure i can fault the shooter. Nor am I sure anyone here can accurately claim how they'd respond when being repeatedly rammed into a jersey wall by a 20 ton truck with your child in the back seat. Kinda hard to run away when you're pinned to a wall and/or repeatedly rammed by something so large...

    Sounds to me like the jag driver probably got in the way or cut off the dumper and the dumper went postal so to speak. I'm waiting until more info comes out.

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    depending on the particular circumstances it could be justified (though sounds like typical road rage) if the dump truck was going to ram the car again and possibly kill his daughter but he needs to work on his shooting skills.

    Also i would not be that surprised to find that those who carry guns are more likely to get into a road rage incident as cwp holders make a small percent of the population. the other group of people that carry guns would be criminals and i would bet that criminals are more likely to get involved in a road rage incident (not counting the obvious road rage making them a criminal.) Now if you separate out criminals from those that are carrying the guns in there cars legally then i would expect that there would be a much lower rate of road rage among the legal gun carriers from what other studies hint at (lower crime rate than general population).

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    I think getting rammed with a large dump truck with your two year old child in the car would be enough to get most people pretty upset and could certainly cause one to fear for their life. There have been other incidents in the past of large trucks being used as weapons against people in cars.

    IF the truck was in the process of attempting to ram again I would think the shooting would be justified.

    If the attack had stopped for the moment then it would not be.

    It will be up to a jury to decide what the evidence shows in this case but from what is presented here it appears the truck driver should go away on the attempted murder charges. Based only on what we know here I wouldn't be inclined to vote to convict the auto driver of attempted murder. Some lesser charge might be appropriate or maybe not.

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    i wouldnt have missed.

    if somebody is attemping a homicide on me and my two year old, and i consider the act of ramming a 40,000 pound truck into a passenger car to be such.

    now just how is it i can be charged with attemped homicide for defending myself?

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