PR as 51st state

PR as 51st state

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Thread: PR as 51st state

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    PR as 51st state

    Didn't think this would even need to be included in any bill, but check out the last line of the article. - House Approves Puerto Rico Statehood Measure

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    If we have a particular state in mind, can we do a swap ?

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    This isnt really 2a related however it is just simply locking in more hispanic votes to further keep the party of government corrupticrats in office, namely dems.

    I have a good friend whom states that PR would never want to be a state. They like to run their own ship. Plus they dont want to pay our taxes. It probably is a far shot off the deepend that it would become a state this decade.
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    If Puerto Rico becomes a state the tax structure they will have to live up to will murder their economy. Most tourists who travel there (tourism being a major portion of their economy) take advantage of the present lack of taxes and duties and do a lot of spending. I visit about once a year and always spend a good deal. If the U.S.taxes are added on then other places in the Caribbean will see this as a major plus and Puerto Rico will suffer a big loss.



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    PR is full of problems...I have lots of friends who left there because it makes Chicago look like a safe place to walk the streets.

    (Glen Beck taked a lot about the real purpose of this legislation.)
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    This was tried a few years ago and Puerto Rico totally said "no" to statehood. As a commonwealth and territory of the U.S. they get some benefits that states do not. Residents are U.S. citizens, so wonder what the big deal is about wanting them to officially join the "union?"

    Kind of like a few years ago, north of our border when Quebec wanted to start their own country smack dab in the middle of Canada.
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    Another Political Votes Grab by Obama and his chronies. When put to a vote PR did NOT want to become a state. It's highly unlikely they will change their minds. So they will reword the vote to trick them into voting Yes. Instead of asking PR if they want to become a state it will read something like this : Do the people of PR want to remain status quo? Notice it doesn't say anything about a state.

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    When will this crap end?

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    Let's see....wasn't it reported that theres a few hundred thousand Puerto Rican's, or those of direct Puerto Rican decent, living in the Continental USA...... those few hundred thousand that would probably be allowed (thank you, census form) to vote on the measure of statehood as if they were right on the island themselves. Could be another Ray Nagan (NOLA) style of election, "bussing in voters".

    If this comes to pass, it will be very interesting to see how the Second Amendment is handled in this "new state". As far as that goes, how does a culture that never really lived our constitution learn to accept and honor it?


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    They have the right to bear arms in Puerto Rico. It's a US Territory and have to obey the Constitution.

    How it's administered...think NYC/LA...but it does exist.

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    Puerto Rico...

    What requirements do I have to meet to qualify for a new gun permit?
    New Gun Permits (50 bullets a year, 2 handguns only) $260 Requirements:
    • Internal Revenue stamp: $100.00
    • Notarized application form: $25.00
    • Three sworn statements from people who have no blood or affinity relationship with the petitioner: ($25.00 each) $75.00
    • Two 2x2 photos taken no earlier than 30 days before filing the application form. Use of articles or garments or jewelry that interfere with your identification are not allowed: $5.00
    • Photocopies, envelope and postage stamp service: $5.00
    • Federation Stamp: $25.00 (You must purchase it to enroll as a Federation member.)
    • Fee for new applications: $25.00.

    The applicant must:
    • Get certificate of a good conduct
    • Have ASUME (Tel. 787-767-1500 extensions 2727 or 2726) certify that there are no outstanding issues.
    • Visit the closest Police Headquarters with all forms already filled out, have fingerprints taken, and file all documents at the Gun Registry Department.

    To have a license to do target practice, what do I need to do?
    Target Shooting Category (Unlimited munitions per year and unlimited number of firearms)
    License Conversion $196.00
    Requirements (Total amount may vary because of a $1.00 stamp and federation stamp)
    • One $50.00 stamp
    • One $1.00 stamp for each registered firearm
    • Notarized application: $25.00
    • Federation stamp: $5.00 each since expiration; one stamp per year until they all fall under one stamp per year
    • Two 2x2 photos taken no earlier than 30 days before filing your application: $5.00
    • Photocopies, envelope, postage stamp service with delivery to the police station: $20.00. Without delivery: $5.00
    • Club membership: $100.00 (It must be maintained every year. Failure to comply will mean automatic cancellation of shooting permit.)

    What do I need to do to have a valid gun permit ?
    Category Change
    Requirements: Have a valid gun permit.
    Target shooting:
    • Federation stamp: $25.00
    • One $25.00 stamp
    • Sworn statement: $25.00 $120.00 with delivery / $105.00 without delivery
    • One $20.00 stamp
    • Two 2x2 photos taken no earlier than 30 days before filing the application form: $5.00
    • Photocopies, envelope, postage stamp service with delivery to the police station: $20.00. Without delivery: $5.00.

    What are the requirements to have a permit that allows me to carry a firearm?
    Carrying Permit Requirements: $766.50
    • To legally carry a gun in Puerto Rico, you must have a permit. To qualify for this permit, you must be older than 21 years of age and be resident of Puerto Rico for two years prior to filing your application;
    • You must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident;
    • You must have a certification bearing your employer’s company seal, describing your job and itemizing your duties including the fact you carry valuables, money and goods at all times, day and night, to and from different locations throughout the Island;
    • You must not be under any court order prohibiting you from harassing, spying, threatening or come near a sentimental partner, any of the children of said partner or anyone else; and not having a history of violence;
    • You must provide a copy of original seal stamped on last year’s tax return;
    • You must provide a copy of firearms license;
    • You must provide a negative certification of criminal background;
    • You must provide a negative certification from ASUME;
    • You must have a certificate showing you have taken the firearms use and handling course;
    • $266.50 in Internal Revenue stamps (includes: Filing: $12.00, resolution, and a certified copy of the resolution);
    • A $250.00 stamp for the Police Superintendent Office;
    • $500.00 if filed in the San Juan, Carolina, Guaynabo, Bayamón, and Caguas Courts.


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    Approximately 50% of PR's 4 MILLION + residents will qualify for welfare and food stamps.

    The per capita income individual is 7.6K household is 19K a year which means the majority of them will pay little or no taxes ( I have seen stats as high as 70%)

    That and the questions are RIGGED..... this is just what we need in this economy today

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