"free State"

"free State"

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Thread: "free State"

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    "free State"

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Maybe I'm wrong, but when ever I read these words, this phrase always stands out to me. Some how I feel the words "free State" does not only mean from an external threat. Why not just say it then? Am I wrong into thinking that they also meant from within (I know that the founding fathers felt that)?

    Think about the words "free State", why word it that way? I feel maybe "free People" would have been a better. Did they solely mean a free Government? Or does it mean much more? I feel that it means a lot more than a free Government.

    I have never seen anything written about the meaning of that small part, always the first and last parts.

    I hope I explained myself well enough.
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    A "State" is the people when identified as a single body or group; it has nothing to do with government. For example, the phrase "affairs of State" refers to activities and concerns of a collective group of people. The Federal government has a State Department, so named because of the scope and nature of its responsibilities.
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    Also State can mean a country as a whole. For example Canada or Japan can be called a State.

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    If the people are free, so is the state. A free state cannot exist without free people. Thus if the people have freedom, the state enjoys the privilege of such, since governments derive everything from the people.

    Think of it as the old saying "if the wife is happy, we're happy". Wife being free people, state being "we".
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    A government of THE PEOPLE, by THE PEOPLE and for THE PEOPLE. The object is the minimum amount of government necessary for providing for the maximum exercise of rights and freedom by THE PEOPLE.

    At this point we have a government that seeks to extend the maximum amount of control over the people, crushing the exercise of rights and freedoms by the people. The new poster with Uncle Sam pointing a finger and saying "I Own You" is a very clear expression of how government views the People.
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