San Fran Ban NO MORE!

San Fran Ban NO MORE!

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Thread: San Fran Ban NO MORE!

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    San Fran Ban NO MORE!

    San Francisco handgun ban thrown out by Calif. Superior Court.
    See details below from Second Amendment Foundation.
    Chalk up one for the good guys!

    BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) said today’s decision by the Superior Court in San Francisco to throw out that city’s handgun ban was a victory for gun owner rights all over the Golden State.

    “The right of citizens to be safe in their homes and communities can never be subject to a popular vote,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb. “This ruling shows that the politicians who pushed this gun ban were wrong.

    “It is astonishing that in a city where the leaders preach how open they are to diversity, they encouraged voters to blindly march to the polls last November to practice a blatant, egregious and despicable form of social bigotry against their neighbors and fellow citizens,” Gottlieb observed. “Working to deprive others of their property and their right to self-defense just because you don’t like firearms is morally repugnant, and with today’s ruling, the people who pushed Proposition H last fall should feel ashamed of themselves.

    “Today’s court decision to essentially nullify the election was predictable because state law clearly prohibits the adoption of local gun control laws, no matter what the process,” he added. “The Second Amendment Foundation fought this battle and won more than two decades ago. We’ll fight it again tomorrow if necessary.

    “It’s one thing to make a political or social statement,” Gottlieb stated, “and San Francisco is famous for that sort of thing. But when making such a statement crosses the line of state law and the fundamental right of self-defense, not to mention depriving citizens of their personal property, the only responsible course is to stop such nonsense.

    “We’re proud to have worked once again with the National Rifle Association, to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens, as we did in Louisiana last year to stop gun confiscations following Hurricane Katrina,” Gottlieb concluded, “and we’re delighted to have been joined by the Law Enforcement Alliance of America and California Firearms Retailers Association. The good citizens of San Francisco and their elected leaders should devote their time to more worthwhile endeavors.”

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    Finally....a reasonable decision coming out of CA regarding firearms!
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    Since I only live about 2 hours from San Francisco, I guess I can go there again. But why?

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    Well - seems common sense has prevailed - as well as a smidgeon of respect for the 2A.

    Shucks tho - this should never have something that had to be fought or go to court - geez.

    Be good to see some other less than helpful CA gun attitudes softened or broken too.
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    About time the goverment got some push back.
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    Congrats to SF, and here's to reality peeking out in the state!
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    Thanks SAF. Never thought I'd see a sensible decision come out of a CA court again, but there ya go...

    And to those who think others' self protection is something you get to control-->
    eschew obfuscation

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    Wow, glad to hear some common sense and gun right protection coming down from the Supreme Court.
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    Well the local chapters of the "Pink Pistols" will be happy!! They can enjoy both their pastimes (hopefully not at the same time....)

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    Good to read that the judge followed constitutional law, not the ultra-extremists in San Francisco politics.
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    This is good news on the surface, but we haven't heard the last of this yet, folks. Count on it.

    The pols in 'Frisco have already shown they don't give a damn about their citizens' gun rights, and they sure don't care if they waste taxpayer money on frivolous litigation.

    Remember, this is a state court ruling. This is headed to the Federal appeals court level, without a doubt. Guess where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is based? Yep, San Francisco.

    Not trying to rain on anybody's parade here, but the opera ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

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    Wow, that is a victory, but a suprising one. At least they recognize their own constitutional issues or did this once.....
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    Captain Crunch is right on the mark! The ninth circuit court would love to take on this case. Wanna guess the outcome?

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    Well, maybe the war isn't over yet, but we sure won a battle.

    Even if we lose in the ninth circuit we will at least have demonstrated that we will not accept such legislation without a verdammt good fight. And even then only until the next elections.
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    Now lets hope that San Francisco Supervisor CHRIS DALY that proposed the ballot initiative for the ban NEVER gets elected to public office again!!!!!

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