Another Anti crosses over!

Another Anti crosses over!

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Thread: Another Anti crosses over!

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    Another Anti crosses over!

    My mother, the gentle woman that she is, has always been terrified of gun's. Her father and her brothers have always owned guns but she is somewhat of a worry wort. She has often asked me why I feel the need to own and carry guns. I (we) live on 22 acres of fenced in property that is shared by different family members. Saturday after midnight my cousin who lives on part of this property had a strange fellow (methhead looking dude) show up on his porch claiming he needed to use his phone. My cousin told him he needed to hit the road and that he was calling the police. My cousing then came to my house letting us know that he had just run the guy off but he could still be on the property. I grabbed my AR and went out to investigate but couldn't find the guy. The next day my mother had heard the story and told me that she has reconsidored her stance on firearms and would like to have her own and for me to teach her how to shoot it. I guess it just takes an incident too close to home for some people to have a change of heart.

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    definition of a conservative-a liberal who's been mugged.

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    I am glad that everything ended well. IMO it is very good that your mother could see the reality. I think it is a pity that sometimes bad things needs to happen before people decide to change their mind.
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    Great. She got a wake-up call the easy way.
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    It's great to hear that no one got hurt and she took some good sense away from the incident. I'd call this a positive experience overall. Hopefully you don't see that guy again...

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