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Open Carry in a CCW State?

This is a discussion on Open Carry in a CCW State? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just merged another "open carry" thread with this one. Since is focused on concealed carry, not open carry, this is the thread to ...

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Thread: Open Carry in a CCW State?

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    I just merged another "open carry" thread with this one. Since is focused on concealed carry, not open carry, this is the thread to place all open carry discussions. Enjoy....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcclearypl
    Hello from Florida.
    Here in Florida there is no open carry except for LEO's, Security (SNIP).
    I've carried concealed now for six years....started doing so when I became a Fed LEO while residing in NJ.

    Now that I live in FL, while I can open carry in limited circumstances (LE agency policy driven) such as if I'm going to grab chow after a warrant execution (so I might be equipped with my duty weapon in a thigh holster, two or three spare mags, baton, cuffs, badge, and agency polo shirt), I am mandated to conceal my firearm and I agree with that policy.

    Despite being a LEO, I do not carry a radio on my person or government vehicle with a direct line for the cavalry or a level II or III retention holster. I, like a private citizen carrying a weapon, can be subjected to a sneak attack by someone really wanting my gun....especially if they see it in plain view while open carrying.

    Plus, I don't want the neighbors to know what I do....nor do they need to know.
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    Louisiana is an open carry State. That said, if you attempt to open carry in many parts of this state you will be arrested and your gun confiscated. There is a thread here where I mentioned a case where a man is sueing the police department infringing on his right to carry. The police chief's attitude, "Screw the law, we are going to do what we want." Open carry around here is like wearing a shirt that says "ARREST ME" on it.
    I avoid the hastle. I was conceal carrying long before the state started issueing permits. I'm not going to start open carrying anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CEOO
    At a minimum, concealed carry keeps the BG's guessing.

    My IDPA club specifies (and I think IDPA rules so stipulate) that all draws on the line must be from a position of concealment. I practice all the time and have reached certain conclusions.

    Although I own a Banana Republic vest, it is no longer my concealed garment, except where I might need the pockets for other items. It's hot in the south florida summers and it's the UNIFORM of the ccw. Everybody who carries knows this. We call it the Shoot ME FIRST! vest. I wear a t-shirt and a brightly colored Hawaiian style shirt in silk or other extremely lightweight breathable material in 2XL. This allows a draw that is almost as fast as not wearing a cover garment.

    Open carry is physically easier, but not mentally easier. How many times do you want to answer the question from an innocent bystander while standing in the line for the grocery: You a cop? And then the follow ons when you answer to the negative.

    For me, it's moot. I live in Florida. But even if I lived in an open carry state, the ONLY place I would do so is in the rural areas or in the woods.

    The whole point of concealed carry is to KEEP 'EM GUESSING.

    I used to be (long a galaxy far away) a State of Florida Probation & Parole Officer. I used to supervise some of the most dangerous felons on the eastern seaboard. I got that caseload by virtue of the fact that when I got to my office, they discovered my military past and my case load was built out of the most dangerous guys from every female officer's load. Gee thanks.

    My interactions with these folks on a daily basis gave me the answers from the horses mouth, so to speak. The overwhelming response to the question:

    What do you do if you think a victim might be armed?


    If I even think he's armed, I go elsewhere. A cop will arrest you but that's part of doin' bidness! A citizen will KILL you and ain't nobody in THIS BIDNESS to get killed!

    But then, we officers were always shown the most recent prison videos taken undercover of cons practicing disarming techniques to use on COPS. They know the cop is armed, but they feel having the first strike gives them the edge. That edge is removed if they don't know who's got the gun or how many are present.

    Members of my IDPA club often hang out together off the range. Couples meet up for dinner or to go to the movies..etc. How many guns do you think are at the dinner table if we have say five couples? At least FIVE and many of the wives carry too! But some of the wives don't carry. A few don't even like GUNS. If you like that person (presumably you do because you're seeing them in a social situation) why make them uncomfortable? Why make anybody uncomfortable?

    For that matter, suppose you're eating alone or just with your spouse or kid and you're carrying openly. The other patrons see it and there's no comment. But then the joint gets ROBBED. What are you going to do when some other patron suddenly SCREAMS:

    Don't just sit there! DO SOMETHING! SHOOT HIM!! OOPS. Now what?
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    I live in a very rural area in Northern Michigan. around the yard and in the woods, I carry open. In town or when travelling to the "big city", I carry concealed. I don't want to get civilians all cranked at the sight of an openly carried pistol; I do not want to alert potential BGs that I carrying and (most importantly), I do not wish to get a new LEO's skivvies in a twist and risk whatever ensues if that officer thinks that I am in the wrong.

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