Poll: Have you had a firearm stolen?

Poll: Have you had a firearm stolen?

This is a discussion on Poll: Have you had a firearm stolen? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; One of the things the antis keep talking about is that all the guns that the bad guys have, they stole from citizens. Therefore, citizens ...

View Poll Results: Have you had a firearm stolen?

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    69 63.89%
  • Yes

    34 31.48%
  • Yes, but it was recovered

    5 4.63%
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Thread: Poll: Have you had a firearm stolen?

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    Poll: Have you had a firearm stolen?

    One of the things the antis keep talking about is that all the guns that the bad guys have, they stole from citizens. Therefore, citizens shouldn't have guns. I'm not sure I buy this.

    Have you had a firearm stolen from you? Was it recovered?
    We're all in favor of reducing violent crime. It's just that pro-gunners have a method that is proven effective. Anti-gunners don't.
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    In order for my guns to be stolen, they would have to take it away from me. They might get it, but it'll be empty!
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    I had two stolen back in late '92. One was recovered, the other (to my knowledge) was not.
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    I bet they'd have nothing to say if you countered with whether people should not be allowed to own cars because of all those dangerous police chases and robbery getaways that happen with cars that are oftentimes stolen from people who legitimately had them. (whoops - too long of a sentence, heh)

    I am happy to say zero, and I hope to keep it that way.

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    I had a 1992 West German-stamped SIG P226/9mm stolen from my apt (locked in a case w/ a triggerlock), along with a Ruger MKII ... never recovered.
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    It was back in around 2004 I had an AR15 and a RIA 1911 45 stolen.I was working on the AR when I got a call on my phone and left to go help somebody,It was a setup and a guy that was supposed to be a friend waited til I left and broke in stealing the guns that were out and my range bag,total theft was about 1500.00.Cops got the serial numbers,so some day they may turn up.my renters insurance covered the theft,and what I was out on the deductible the victims fund paid me.
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    Yes, back in 1981 had a Carcano and a Glenfield .22 stolen, never recovered.
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    Back in 1986, house robbery (no one home). Never recovered...

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    Hasn't happened yet, and hopefully it never will.

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    Never happened.
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    Not yet. When I leave the house I put all the guns that don't go with me into the safe. It weighs 1300 pounds and is inside the alarmed garage so I would hope the police would get here before the safe could be loaded on a truck or cut open but you never know.

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    No, hopefully it stays that way. I'm actually quite surprised how many "yes" votes we have so far, perhaps I'm a little naive.
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Yes. No.
    But one of the guys went to prison for it. Was supposed to make retribution but skipped the state.
    One firearm was a TC Contender with a .30 Herrett barrel. Good luck to whomever has it with buying ammo for it.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
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    Yes, a Beretta Jetfire and an HK P7-M8. Along with several knives including four Cold Steel knives and a Budweiser from the fridge.
    To my knowledge they were never recovered, but I was informed by the police that I would not be informed if they were anyway.

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