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Finally, a Post Office lawsuit to quash firearm ban, by NAGR

This is a discussion on Finally, a Post Office lawsuit to quash firearm ban, by NAGR within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; At the national cemetery near my job the sign says no "weapons" and list firearms separately which I interpret as you can't even bring a ...

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Thread: Finally, a Post Office lawsuit to quash firearm ban, by NAGR

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    At the national cemetery near my job the sign says no "weapons" and list firearms separately which I interpret as you can't even bring a knife on the property.
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    Thank you for pointing out that the ban includes post office parking lots. I've never seen a sign at the parking lot entrance either, just the building.

    I can imagine that the rehashing gets old, but this is a pretty key yet obscure point of the Post Office ban, I am happy to learn about it.

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    I hope they win the law suit. It is time for the post office to wake up. How many people have to get injured or killed for something to change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spike View Post
    I hope they win the law suit. It is time for the post office to wake up. How many people have to get injured or killed for something to change.
    Agreed, but I think it's time for the entire federal government to wake up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2edgesword View Post
    At the national cemetery near my job the sign says no "weapons" and list firearms separately which I interpret as you can't even bring a knife on the property.
    A sidenote to this comment:
    Florida defines "weapons" in its statutes covering firearms. Suprisingly (or not) firearms are not included in the definition's list of weapons. They are defined separately under (where else?) "firearms."
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    I looked today and our local Post Office has no postings at all about firearms? Is it mandatory that they be posted to be legally binding or is this one of those "you" are responsible to know the law items?
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    So what do you guys think, will the NRA support this move?
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    Good info to know about post office rules. Hopefully the lawsuit will lift the ban.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    Yep. ^^

    This is a rule of govt. regulation that is not exactly new nor obscure.
    It applies not just to USPS buildings, as is written into the Postal Code, but in fact applies to all Federal govt. 'property' (buildings, facilities, land, etc) including parking lots be it your local USPS or that of the Pentagon (!).
    Again this is nothing at all new nor obscure & unknown.

    The only singular notable exception is and has been the passing last year of revision to allow keeping and carrying of firearms at National Park Service property, but specifically not into said buildings and structures (!).
    Also well discussed here many times in the past recent as well as long ago.

    Federal facilities are always posted as being federal facilities, and along with that there is always prominent display of no weapons signage including but not limited to firearms in specific.

    - Janq
    Agreed. As much as I disagree with the prohibition, I don't really see this going anywhere...

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    Thing is, most federal buildings that are not post offices really don't have that much interaction with the public, whereas the post office has many interactions with a large number of the public every day they are open, and during some parts of the year you pretty much have to go into a post office.

    And the federal courts really don't give a crap about CCW laws the states pass. They care about federal statutes, not how much grief they cause the states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    There is usually a sign at the driveway entrance that states no firearms allowed on property,same goes for the Veteran Hospitals/clinics no firearms on the property,parking on a lot next door or the street and securing your gun and your legal if you dont have a gun safe,the cable lock that comes with guns around a seat post and thru the ejection port and magwell will deter any theft
    My post office has a smallish sign, indicating firearms cannot be brought into the post office. This sign is located 15 feet or so past the door, inside the post office. Matter of fact, it's on a wall you wouldn't even look at if you are heading directly to the customer counter.

    Just sayin'.

    Here's a good discussion of the law and rule in question. Points out the conflict or lack of conflict, which is probably what's at the center of the lawsuit.
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    My local PO is a leased facility in a strip-mall type place, so the parking lot is part of a big parking lot common to all the stores.

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    Well just wait to shoot someone in self defense in the parking lot then. Dont do it in the post office. I dont want your stray bullet taking out my Blu-Ray player I just ordered ha ha ha
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    reply to the same post of janq

    Dear Janq,
    While I am sure you mean well with your "we have been through this many times before" you are forgetting about new people to this or any discussion / thread. While I feel like I just went through a TSA patdown so that I could post this I figured you were a nice person and had maybe forgot that there maybe new people who had not heard about this or that. I know that talking a point into the ground is like kicking a dead horse. It might be a brand new voice just coming in on the discussion, so we need to consider that before we reply. I don't know you and I am giving you the benefit of doubt that you were not trying to belittle the person asking the already asked and answered question. We are all suppose to be like minded here, so maybe try to be a little more tolerant to the newbie's if you please.

    I too have been getting emails from NAGR and have never given any money, mainly because I haven't worked since Oct. Of 2010. But I do want people working to protect our rights and I am sure it does cost money. I read one positive post on NAGR the rest were more complaining about all the emails they get. Bottomline does anyone know if one they are for real, they have had Rand Paul (I assume it is him) send me emails, so they know at least one Senator. But have they done anything. Money for everyone is hard to come by, so I don't want to waist even a dollar on just someone trying to make a Buck. Any help from anyone and that includes Mr. Janq. (Who I hope is a friend)


    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    The parking lot is part of the buildings property & facility, by extension, at a conventional USPS.
    Note how USPS vehicles and such park and are stored there.

    We've been through this before here in great detail.
    This is no different than any other parking lot/driveway such as being part of property at ones own home.
    Same goes for the lawn and other contiguous _or_ non-contiguous grounds around it as well.

    These facilities are typically leased, or owned, by the General Service Administration (see for the functional purpose of being a federal facility.
    Exclusions include franchise type USPS locations which are a whole different animal.

    Property is not singular to a physical building structure; Unless specifically defined, and by that limited, as so by law or regulation.
    On the rare times that I go on to USPS _property_ I always park my vehicle on some other adjacent property (office park or parking lot for a local gas station in my town) and walk over with my parcels in hand leaving my gun behind at my vehicle secure and state laws as well as Federal regulations compliant.

    - Janq

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    It would be nice if they could win this one!
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