The anti gun people will not be satisfied or accept that they are wrong until every single gun is taken from everyone but law enforcement and military. And even then, once a few lost weapons or armory robberies occur, it make take the disarming of even them.

Problem is we still have those wack job gun nuts that went and buried their arsenal in the mountains and dessert. Need to find all those weapon caches first.

Crap, then we have to deal with the ones coming in across the borders, and smuggling. Gonna need the UN for this one. Gotta stop everyone else from making guns available to US criminals.

The EU has been at this a looooong time, and still have a gun problem (albeit small), but surprise surprise, they have an edged weapon problem now. Never mind anything that could be remotely construed as an offensive weapon [intent]. They still have not figured out that it is the person, not the tool, that is the problem. You are either a victim or a criminal during an event. In order to be a victim, you can not defend your self. If you do, then you are a criminal, and having the opportunity to make a choice to resist, you are in more trouble than that of the attacker.