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Thread: Feel good letter

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    While I tend to think there is little practical use for a 33 round mag in a 9 mm handgun, banning them would be equally impractical.

    The Carcano that was (supposedly, for conspiracy theorists) used in the JFK assasination had a bolt action 6 round clip fed magazine.

    The long arm weapons used by Charles Whitman were similarly limited in round capacity. And none were semi automatic.

    You cannot "legislate away" the mentally imbalanced, the religious zealot, or the criminal element, all of which will find a way to wreak deadly outcomes even if guns, magazines, clips, or bullets cease to exist.

    To legislate inanimate objects in the hopes that human beings will be forced to be more civil to one another is absurd.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Very good letter ksholder!
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    With great power comes great responsibility.-Stan Lee

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    Wrote my congressmen.

    I am writing to you to encourage you to vote against any hasty pending or future legislation born from the Arizona shooting tragedy. A few bills, specifically the ban on higher-capacity magazines (McCarthy), no guns allowed within 1,000ft of Congress staff (King), and others related to free speech and firearms are clear violations of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

    A ban on higher-capacity magazines would not stop psycopaths, murderers, or attempted-murderers from killing innocent people. Firstly, there are thousands of these magazines already on the streets and in the black market. Secondly, it wouldn't have mattered if Jared Loughner would've had a 33-round magazine or a 17-round magazine, he likely could have done the same amount of damage. For that matter, he could have done as much or more damage with a vehicle, and that has happened in the past. Yet, you see no one suggesting to ban cars. (there are more vehicle-related deaths every year than firearm-related deaths) Thirdly, banning the higher-capacity magazine only restricts legal gun owners. Jared Loughner didn't care that he was breaking the law by murdering people, attempting to murder others, so he wouldn't have cared if there was also a law banning such a magazine.

    I don't even think the technicalities of not allowing a gun within 1,000ft of Congress staff has even been thought through. There would have to be some sort of electronic system setup for that to even work, and who specifically would it even cover? (from the janitor at Capitol Hill on up to Congressmen?) A very illogical and unintelligent bill. As said before, a law disallowing the carry of a gun with 1,000ft of Congress staff wouldn't have stopped Jared Loughner.

    The real problem, is that life cannot be controlled, it doesn't matter how many laws you throw at it. We also need to encourage our fellow citizens to watch for signs of mental illness and to act on it, tell others and see if we can help our fellow citizens out before it goes too far (as Jared Loughner's case).

    A similar tragedy happened just a few years ago at Virginia Tech, even though guns aren't allowed on campus, that didn't stop Cho. We live in a crazy world, life is tough, we have our good times and our bad times. There are things that we cannot control no matter how many laws we throw at it, and there is no since in passing a law if it can't be enforced and it won't make any real change.

    Please do not help punish the many for the few, when the few are criminals (and won't be affected), and the many aren't (and will be affected).

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