Hypothetical: You are tasked to decide the number of rounds allowed after a mag ban

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Thread: Hypothetical: You are tasked to decide the number of rounds allowed after a mag ban

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    Hypothetical: You are tasked to decide the number of rounds allowed after a mag ban

    You, and only you, have the final authority to decide how many rounds maximum will be allowed in a post-ban USA.

    The Glock 30+ magazines are out due to the political fallout from Tucson. The law limiting capacity has been passed. You have been named the final authority.

    Would you choose:

    1. 10 rounds. That was the law before. It is nearly impossible to find a civilian self-defense shooting that required more than 10 rounds. You can still carry extra magazines in case you need to reload. This is a reasonable limit to the right.

    2. 20 rounds. A reasonable compromise between 10 and 30. The vast majority of handgun factory magazines are designed to carry less than 20 rounds. There is no current handgun designed to carry over 20 rounds in a factory supplied magazine. (Possibly excluding AR and AK type pistols) This is a reasonable limit to the right.

    3. No magazine may be sold that extends more than one inch beyond the bottom of the frame of the handgun it is designed to fit in, not including magazine extensions that do not add to the capacity of the magazine. Standard capacity magazines may still be used in compact frames. This is a reasonable limit to the right.

    4. 6 rounds. Good enough for most standard sized revolvers, good enough for semi-automatics.

    5. Other. Please explain.

    6. I quit this lousy job. Let somebody else make the hard decisions.
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    Since no limit is not an option i vote 20. Assuming this is for rifles too. I dont think limiting mag size will stop anything. You could just carry 2 guns, or reload. Evil people will also find a way to do evil. Why punish the law abiding citizens?

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    I suppose if you are taking out the Glock 30+ mags, (and you won't let me go to a larger capacity mag) then I would choose 29 rounds. Personally, I think a 50 or 100 round mag would be sufficient.

    EDIT: I obviously voted -other-
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    Option 5. When presented with no good options, change the rules. I'll keep the 30+ round option, while working to help my fellow citizens in more restrictive states to gain their rights back.

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    I voted other and would leave it up to the manufacturers to decide based on what the market wants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    I voted other and would leave it up to the manufacturers to decide based on what the market wants.
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    I agree, any mag manufactured by the gun manufacturer.
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    People kill unnecessarily not guns...or mag capacities. I also say let the market decide. Seriously...it takes like what...a second or two to slap in another mag or pull another gun. Unless a LEO just happens to be standing right next to the whacko a few seconds will make NO difference IMO.

    I agree why punish the law abiding citizens??

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    17. My Glock 17 already uses them.
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    I voted other.

    I would introduce the belt fed Glock, and the hopper fed AK.

    Seriously... I don't see practical use for a 30 round mag for a Glock, unless it's full auto, and that's a diferent animal. Why not a "walking stick" mag for a glock or any other handgun? Then, we go on to the walking/climbing staff mag for the handgun... But... if you want one.. go ahead, I got no problem with it.

    Rifle mags are different ... I don't see a problem with 100 rounders plus, but I don't think I'd go higher than that (personally, for my self). You want it... go for it.
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    I suppose

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    If a $90 lower is the only component of an AR 15 the BATFE considers a gun, what are they doing regulating magazines? There is no serial number on the mag. I may have to start selling thirty round back scratchers that happen to hold 9mm Luger.
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    Standard capacity... then I'd institute some type of permitting/vetting process for people that want higher capacity (nothing crazy and maybe your states permit suffices depending on their requirements) and use the funding to create firearm safety seminars around the nation for anyone to attend in hopes of getting facts out and dispelling a lot of myths that go around. We could also host seminars on the laws pertaining to self defense for the locale the seminar is in. I think both these things are lacking, many non-gun people are afraid of guns because they don't understand how they work and use the movies/tv/news as their guide, and then a lot of firearms owners are ignorant of the self defense laws where they live and find themselves in hot water after they've used their firearm inappropriately.
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    Add this to your poll....

    NO LIMIT!!!! These hypothetical discussions are what get people thinking that its okay to compromise. Its not. I dont agree with any compromise ever.
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    I f I was involved in legislating mag capacity limits, I would be a left wing gun control advocate. And, this would be my first step to magazine welded to prevent it from accepting a round and chamber welded to prevent a round being inserted.
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    I wouldn't go with a ban..... so , it's how heavy it will be and if you are capable of carrying it or not. People sure didn't learn much from Prohibition, did they.
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