BATFE Losing Face?

BATFE Losing Face?

This is a discussion on BATFE Losing Face? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; By Michael Isikoff NBC News National Investigative Correspondent The White House, facing fierce criticism from the gun lobby, has delayed approval of a proposed rule ...

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Thread: BATFE Losing Face?

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    BATFE Losing Face?

    By Michael Isikoff NBC News National Investigative Correspondent
    The White House, facing fierce criticism from the gun lobby, has delayed approval of a proposed rule that federal law enforcement officials say could help them staunch the flow of U.S. assault rifles and other high powered weapons to Mexico’s drug cartels.

    The proposed rule, announced by Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms acting director Kenneth Melson on Dec. 20, would require U.S. firearms dealers in four southwest border states to report multiple sales of long guns, such as semi-automatic assault rifles which are frequently purchased by so-called “straw buyers” for the cartels. Melson had said he expected the proposed “emergency rule” would receive approval in early January 2011.

    But the announced deadline date for White House approval, Jan. 5, has come and gone, leaving ATF officials bewildered and keenly disappointed. Some officials had expressed hopes that President Barack Obama might even address the issue during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night as a positive step the administration was taking to address the issue of gun violence.

    Instead, Obama failed to discuss guns in his speech, and now some ATF officials are wondering whether the proposed emergency rule will take effect at all. One official with knowledge of the issue said the delay may relate to questions raised by critics about ATF's legal authority to issue such a proposed rule on an emergency basis.

    “This is hugely demoralizing and embarrassing for ATF,” said one former agency official who has followed the debate over the rule closely, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    U.S.: Gun raids show cartels at work in Ariz. Rally dates are August 8th - 14th, 2011 randee

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    It's more anti-gun drivel from MSNBC. MSNBC is pushing for legislation that would allow the Consumer Product Safety Commission to regulate guns.

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    The drug cartels have money and resources in probably every state in the US,if they gotta buy guns in colorado,oklahoma,louisiana,etc it's not that big a deal,as long as there are people driven by greed,there will be people who break the law.They found some rifles and grenades by the border a couple days ago,I'm betting the hand grenades didn't come from the US unless they were sold to Mexico and then found their way into the criminals hands
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    How can the BATFE lose face? The agency is already despised and outed as abusive gov't thugs.

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    Maybe Obama gets it? Maybe he failed to say this in his speech because he finally understands that the American populace would rather stick to their guns and religion. He has an election for his 2nd term in 1 year 10 months, I think he didnt want to lose anymore face.
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    It is interesting considering his repeated nominations of Andrew Traver to the Director's seat.

    Kinda feels like he's biding his time for re-election before pulling out all the stops.


    Anyone who hasn't heard about Traver can read about his anti- affiliations here.

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    I thought the Mexican drug cartel was going straight to the source for AKs and FNPs and odering them by the container from China and Belgium. They also get quite a few from the M16s that the Federalies were sold during Reagan years.

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    Staggers the imagination that the sheep are under the impression that these massive Mexican drug cartels are arming themselves with US civilian issue semi auto weapons.

    I would wager that any gun running operations from north to south are arming the civilian population to protect themselves from the drug cartels, since your average Jose does not have the finances to source full auto rifles and medium to heavy MGs.

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    At some point someone is going to point out that it is the business of the Congress and President to enact laws, not the BATFE. Is any rule "enacted" by the BATFE even "Constituional"?
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    What was your first clue.... when they shot the kid, his dog and his mother at ruby ridge, or maybe when they set fire to the compound in Waco to free the children or could it have been when the sent guns to Mexico for them to use in their "US guns used in crime" photos.......
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    I'm not sure about them losing face, but they lost credibility a long time ago.
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