Maryland Legislature Considers Reciprocity

Maryland Legislature Considers Reciprocity

This is a discussion on Maryland Legislature Considers Reciprocity within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The Maryland House is considering a bill that would grant reciprocity to properly permitted CC folks from Virginia...Delaware...and Pennsylvania... This is great news for ...

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Thread: Maryland Legislature Considers Reciprocity

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    Maryland Legislature Considers Reciprocity

    The Maryland House is considering a bill that would grant reciprocity to properly permitted CC folks from Virginia...Delaware...and Pennsylvania...

    This is great news for those of us in Northern VA...but presents an interesting question (if passed)

    Do I risk technically driving through D.C.....

    Because...from Northern Virginia to Maryland, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is the fastest way to go...the bridge starts in Alexandria VA and ends in Prince Georges County Maryland.....but 300 feet in the center of the span is in the District of Columbia...

    In the past 15 years, I have only seen DC Police on the bridge once...when a jumper was on their piece, and they demanded to take control of the situation from Maryland...backed up traffic for hours...

    Anyway...Good Luck Maryland...and I'd love to hear your advise on transiting the bridge IF Maryland does grant us reciprocity...
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    It would be nice to be able to get out of Delaware, as it is right now, we can't get out of state with a Delaware permit. Thank goodness for LEOSA.
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    I hope this would include PA non-resident. Which would mean I could head over to Ocean City when I'm vacationing in DE.
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    W VA is being added to the language in the bill. Getting passage is a long shot but we are trying anyway.

    As far as the bridge, by previous agreement DC covers the river below the bridge and MD has responsibility for the actual span. I know of no agreement that gives DC jurisdiction over the small portion of the span in DC although I guess technically they could. If you travel in compliance with FOPA you should be ok. (weapon unloaded locked in trunk. If no trunk unloaded and in locked box.)

    Also be careful driving on the GW Parkway on Columbia Island. It is technically in DC but looks like you are still in VA, The VCDL web site has a good mp of how to avoid it.

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    Being a native born Marylander one could only hope that this would happen and open the door for Marylanders themselves to have access to concealed carry permits on a shall issue basis.
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    That would be awesome, though my understanding is a bill like this gets introduced every year here...and goes nowhere. Maybe this year... As far as traveling through DC, I second the advice about traveling per FOPA while you're in there. I'm sure they'll nail you no matter what permit you have.

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    I'd love to see it happen since I travel a short distance through MD when going to Indiana to visit family. Not going to hold my breath waiting for it to be approved though.
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    The irony is that if they honor non-resident permits, there will be a LOT of Maryland residents spending money in Virginia for a permit. And I'll be one of the first in line!

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    I'd love to see it; but, I'm not even thinking of holding my breath.
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    Its about dang time!

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    Not holding my breath on this one. BUT, It would be great. It would make my visits to PA easier.

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    I listened to the first hearing in the House on 1-25. Pro side put up very good arguments, but kind of got lost in arguing for Maryland shall issue, and got off the topic of reciprocity. But they are almost the same thing in this case since non-resident permits would be valid. The MDSP were there for opposition, but they put up a weak argument and couldn't defend themselves. Making MD shall issue was 1 vote away from getting out of the House last year and has been gaining votes every year. This could be the first year it actually goes to a vote then to Senate

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    MDSP = Maryland Socialist Party? ;)

    In any event, I drive through Maryland all the time. This would make me very pleased if it did pass, but I also drive through New York regularly, so it would be a case of "one down, one to go".

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolfrmn View Post
    Not holding my breath on this one. BUT, It would be great. It would make my visits to PA easier.
    Yes it would, that short section on MD before the breezewood interchange is a pain in the dupa. But then again for me they would have to add NC to their list. I am not going to hold my breath though.

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    Why not add in Florida? I would love to be able to visit my dad and brother. But either way, it is still better than New Nazi Germany... I mean New York.
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