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Thread: Dear Senator Clinton.....

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    ***Take 2***

    Still not perfect as far as spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    Dear Senator Clinton,

    I am writing you to ask that you please reconsider your stance
    on issues involving the Second Amendment in the State of New York.
    As a law abiding citizen of this great Country, I find it insulting that you
    do not think that I should be able to defend my life, or the lives of those
    I love, with the Rights that I am entitled to under the Second Amendment.
    Furthermore, it's upsetting to constantly see your name next to a
    check marked "NO", on any pro 2A legislation. Please vote knowing that
    your vote affects lives. I would also like to remind you that you are not
    obligated to vote "NO" on pro 2A issues simply because you are a member
    of the Democratic Party.

    I know that you have concerns about the safety of children, especially
    when they are near firearms. This is understandable but, denying people
    is not the answer. Bad things happen to good people. PERIOD.
    Yes, it is tragic when a child is killed while playing with a loaded gun.
    Is it any less tragic when a child drowns in a swimming pool? Is it
    any less tragic when a child is hit in the head with a fast ball during a
    little league game? Is it any less tragic when a child is hit by a
    car while riding a bicycle? Where would you like to start the banning?
    Where would you like to stop the banning?
    Is it any less tragic when a daughter is raped at knife point? Is it any
    less tragic when a father is killed for a few dollars and taken from his
    family? I submit that it is not. I once came close to drowning in the ocean.
    People have been attacked by sharks.Should we now prohibit all
    Americans from swimming in the ocean? Where, EXACTLY, do you
    plan to stop? Bad things happen to good people ALL. OF. THE. TIME.
    Surely, you understand that many families simply can not fit a private
    security detail into their budgets. It must feel nice to be safe. It must be
    nice to have an armed Secret Service agent protecting you and you and
    your family. I wouldn't know...please tell me how it feels. Why do you
    feel the need to deny people of their right to defend themselves? Perhaps
    your efforts would be better served if they were focused on proper gun
    safety and storage as opposed to obliterating our Rights as Americans.

    Gun laws are only effective when people obey the law. This is not a
    difficult concept to understand. I think that we can both agree, that,
    by nature, criminals do not obey laws. So I ask, who is affected by
    gun LAWS, people that obey laws, or people that do not obey laws?
    Would you not agree that it is cruel to de-claw a cat and
    set it free in the wild unable to defend itself? I find it difficult to believe
    that you would place less value on the life of a human being, than that of
    a cat.

    Correct me if I am wrong but, does Washington D.C. not boast having
    some of the toughest gun laws in the Country? 14 violent deaths in 13 days?
    Congratulations, while not scientific fact, I believe the recent events in
    Washington D.C. speak VOLUMES about how very ineffective your gun
    laws are. Just another 14 cases of criminals doing what criminals do and
    good people doing what they do....being victims. Everyone involved
    played their rolls to a "T". That includes the Police. Police Officers
    RESPOND to crimes. Rarely do Police Officers know where or when
    a crime is going to take place, making it near impossible for them to
    PREVENT crimes. So , who's job is it to prevent a person from
    becoming a victim? I know that you are not but, you really should be
    ashamed of yourself. In my eyes, the laws you helped pass led to the
    deaths of those poor people. I find it reprehensible that criminals are
    freely enjoying the rights that I am entitled to, while I am forced to obey
    laws that I completely disagree with. If you truly believe in equality, then
    why do you deny the citizens of New York the same rights that most other
    states grant to their citizens? When I say "most", I mean FORTY of the
    FIFTY states that we have. Clearly, the majority of States in this Country have
    come to realize that private ownership of firearms can actually be a
    powerful tool for deterring crime. The statistics speak for themselves.
    Pro 2A states have been watching their crime rates plunge while
    criminals are running amok in places like New York, California, Chicago
    and Washington D.C.. Please don't even try to tell me that these statistics
    are inaccurate, I have done my homework. I would greatly appreciate it
    if you could please explain to me why pro 2A States have a lower crime
    rate than States with strict gun control laws....please. I have taken the
    liberty of posting this letter on the Internet and I plan on submitting it
    to my local newspapers. Because you constantly vote "no" on any
    pro 2A issues, I know that this is an issue that you have much
    interest in so, I am expecting a reply from you regarding this matter.
    Let me clarify....I am expecting a PERSONAL reply from you.

    I would also like to congratulate you on ridding the Peoples Republic
    of New York of 1 more family. The very moment my wife retires, we
    shall be seeking residence in a State that respects out rights as American

    Senator Clinton, I would like to personally apologize to you if you found
    this letter to be rude or barbarian in any way. I believe in being honest...
    with every inch of my fiber and with all of my heart. That is my explanation
    for the bluntness of this letter. I do understand that it may seem rude
    and/or disrespectful and for that I am sorry. While I am being honest, I would like to
    tell you that I do not like Socialists or the way YOU vote on issues that
    concern me, my family, my friends, the citizens of New York, or any
    Human Being on the Planet Earth. Please re evaluate the way you vote or,
    better yet, resign from office.

    Paul Anthony Coletti

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    Oh, and Paul, I forgot to say... Does she not work FOR the people... Does she not represent THE PEOPLE... Since when did her personal oppinion really mean anything...?

    She's supposed to be representing waht WE want... Not her own agenda...

    ::: NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Military Veteran, Public Safety Professional :::

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    In the last election, Hillary won the counties with the cities in them. (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Albany, etc.) She won a couple counties at the top of the State near Montreal, New York City and surrounding counties with Long Island. She lost every other county, but the New York City vote was all she needed. God help us us in the next election. We have 4 million gun owners in New York State and you would amazed how stupid many of them are. We have some of them at our gun club.

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    agreed. some at our club actually plan on voting for her again...

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