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    Raid Map

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    Makes ya want to live in Wyoming or North Dakota
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    The one in southern Phoenix is horrendous. Although they seem to hate a lot on the Sheriff of Maricopa County. He makes the inmates wear pink underwear, live in tent cities, and eat green bologna..... In all honesty - the people in these "jails" are criminals. They shouldn't be coddled. More power to him.

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    The use of creative graphics to make a situation appear worse than it really is. In this case using Big Brightly Colored Upside Down Tear Drops.

    I just searched Pennsylvania - Death of an Innocent for All Years & the # was Zero.

    Death or Injury of a LEO ~ Zero

    Death of a non-violent offender ~ 1

    Raid on an Innocent Suspect ~ 4

    Raids on doctors & sick people ~ Zero

    & 3 examples of police excess. (but, what specifically was the police excess & by who's definition?)

    That is for All Years 1985 to 2006
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    Looks like interpatition of the data used is up to the map maker.

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    Texas certainly has its share of infamy. Particularly the Tulia fiasco.

    The LEO home invasion is an absolute worst-case scenario, because there have been a number of violent fakes in recent history. Your response could very well turn out to be a damned if you do, damned if you don't proposition.
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    At least some of their information is incorrect with regard to one incident taking place in Oklahoma.

    The man who shot Trooper Eales wasn't convicted of a death penalty offense in Oklahoma State Courts. He did get sentenced to 30+ years for some kind of homicide other than capital homicide.

    They make it sound like he got off scot-free in the State system, which is NOT true.

    Since an LEO had been killed, however, the powers that be were determined to have another go at him in order to get him executed. Thus, the federal case ("dual sovereignty" exception to Double Jeopardy).

    He was sentenced to death (as set forth on website) in his federal case, and that conviction is on appeal.

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    My guess is that it was police excess as found by the courts. If it was general allegations or something like that, the number would have been way higher.

    While no-knock warrants do have their place, it is IMO a very limited one only justified by extremely exceptional circumstances. If the cops wish to avoid having to "knock and announce", IMO there should be a much higher evidentiary requirement than just probable cause.

    Furthermore, execution of warrants on the wrong address does occur and sometimes with horrible effect. If you don't believe me, look up: Solis v. City of Columbus, 319 F. Supp. 2d 797; or Wanger v. Bonner, 621 F.2d 675; both of which are from the last two years.

    However, I don't know what you can really do about it, with the possible exceptions of: A. Eliminating the qualified immunity shield which prevents the negligent/reckless/or malicious officials who are at fault from being held legally accountable, and B. Creating some real, effective criminal penalties for those who willfully act this way rather than relying on the exclusionary rule.

    All the best,


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    I'm just suprised Cato has his own institute.

    Wasn't he living in OJ Simpson's garage or something?
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    just #'s and a map made to look like certain results. Everyone will make mistakes and yes it is tragic sometimes. On the other hand, what if the PD just knocked on the door , many more people could be dead (both PD and suspects).
    Perhaps allowing more wire taps and surveillance might be a good option before raids are done.
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    The one PA one I read was at Chester High School for some kids loitering. Let me tell you how using SWAT was probably justifiable. Chester after all is one of the worst cities in the nation. Regular LEO probably refused to go there.
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    nice first post... without comment. what's your point?
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    Nothin' goin on in the Great State of Maine! :D

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    I guess I'm seeing the opposite of what I am supposed to be seeing. Even if all the "facts" in the map are true, I'm really impressed by how few examples there are of problems, given the huge number of raids, etc, that LE has to do across the US all the time.
    How about a map showing successful raids? That map would have a lot of little balloons on it.
    As Ride4TheBrand asked -- what's the point of this?

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    lets keep it clean ok.......
    Brad B.

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