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"The Arizona Senate has passed a measure that would allow guns in public establishments and events unless the facility is secured with metal detectors and armed guards."

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Senate OKs guns at public events

Couple of comments from me...

"He said the bill would allow guns to be carried into Arizona Cardinals, Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns games."

If anything, they’ll just put in metal detectors like at Glendale Arena…Additionally, would the police that the arenas/stadiums employ on game days be considered "armed guards" or would they hire internal security or outsource it to another company?

"Has this body no shame, no compassion, no respect?" said Lopez, a good friend of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. "Six people died, and 13 were injured in Tucson . . . and we are further loosening gun control in this state. Couldn't this body have the decency to wait until next year?"

If anything, tragedies like this could be adverted or mitigated with this law passed.