Illinois HB 148 making strides.

Illinois HB 148 making strides.

This is a discussion on Illinois HB 148 making strides. within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The bill passed through committee today by a vote of 12-1! It will be up for a vote either Thursday or Friday this week. Now ...

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Thread: Illinois HB 148 making strides.

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    Illinois HB 148 making strides.

    The bill passed through committee today by a vote of 12-1!

    It will be up for a vote either Thursday or Friday this week.

    Now is the time for Illinois residents to make the calls to your state reps and let them know in no uncertain terms that concealed carry in Illinois needs to be passed.

    71 votes means no Governor Jello veto power AND no home rule. (Chicago)

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    Good luck.

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    Good going Illinois hope to see it pass.
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    Go IL...
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    Good news! If it passes, one of my daughters who lives in the peoples republic of ILL will be happy! Some day I might actually be able to go to visit her and the grandkids without having to leave my guns at home (which I won't do). So far, she has always had to come to Ohio, since I refuse to visit her state.
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    GO ILLINOIS!!!! i will be very happy for illinois and her residents if this bill passes. though i hope her residents will do the right thing and fire mr. quinn if he is able to veto HB148 and does.

    i was skimming through the bill looking for anything about reciprocity. has anyone seen or heard anything about reciprocity with this bill? like which states they'll honor?

    the more and more i read the law the more and more excited i get. one thing i get out of it is they are basically gonna become a shall issue state... pg 7 line 24 through pg 8 line 10. and the following paragraph says, if the sheriff denies under false pretenses and the applicant appeals and wins the sheriffs office pays all the applicants costs.. it doesn't specify the court costs for the appeal though. but since they describe the application process as "fees" the word "costs" implies additional costs..

    applicants information shall not be kept confidential except to other police agencies... (pg 12 line 9) i don't like that, but it's better then having your name and address splattered all over the internet and news papers for EVERYONE to see. but it also sounds like regular citizens can request info on permit holders or applicants (pg 9 line 15) ???? hmmm.

    the training requirements seem really strict. plus you have to have an FOID card and the carry licence.. seems a bit excessive.. but either way, it's a step in the right direction. i'm just glad they've finally decided to move foreword to be with the rest of the country.

    anyways. it's no doubt a step in the right direction.

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    Not gonna happen. The governor has declared he will veto, and as the law supercedes local laws, it requires a three fifths majority to override. It will not pass with those numbers. I am so glad I moved out of the state.
    I'd rather be lucky than good any day

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    it didn't pass ,only got 60-63 votes,and the gov said even if passed he'd veto it

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmaxx3500 View Post
    it didn't pass ,only got 60-63 votes,and the gov said even if passed he'd veto it
    I had read it got up to 68 votes, then was pulled so that it could be brought back another day. There were some shenenigans going on with the vote. There were 20 or something reps that didn't vote, as well as several last minute turncoats that had arms twisted by King Daley to vote against it. One rep reportedly said she was voting with Otis McDonald(for the bill obviously), then voted NO.
    The magic number was 71-this would be veto proof and have full pre-emption, so that Chicago couldn't just declare a CCW ban zone(note:doesn't apply to gangbangers). We'll see if they have to make any changes to the bill or persuade some of the turncoats to vote for it to get it through this time.
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    What a JOKE..

    Complete laughing stock of the free world.
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    And now some insult to injury. So Mayor Daley is proud that he, along with Gov Quinn were able to defeat CC in Illinois. The Mayor's position of course is that a private citizen does not need a gun to protect himself. Fast forward a day or say after the vote. The Mayor is to leave office in a few days and become that private citizen. He has now asked the City Council to provide him with life time armed body guards to protect him from possible crime. No, I couldn't make something like this up.
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