Alabama Gun Rights & Alabama Open Carry, have created an outstanding bill that is currently before the House Judiciary Committee. We need everyones support to get this bill moving!

Here is a list of every email I could find for the Judiciary Committee members both House & Senate. Also a copy of the email I sent. Feel free to use it as a template or change it to suite your needs:


Subject: Please Support HB582 Quickly!


Members of the Judiciary Committee,

It is my understanding that HB582 is currently in before your committee. I would like to respectfully ask that you support this extremely important bill as it is written, and swiftly move it through your committee to the floor. Alabama is in desperate need of these changes, as we are way behind the curve compared to the majority of the other states. Our 2nd Amendment laws are confusing to even law enforcement and our permit system is antiquated, as Alabama is only one of a few states remaining that issue permits on a May issue basis. A system that can, and often is abused. This bill also addresses and corrects unconstitutional, unclear, laws as well as a racially motivated demonstration law that was added during the civil rights era. These tarnished relics of Alabama’s past should be removed once and for all!

Over 1300 Alabamians, myself included, have signed a petition asking for the changes proposed in this bill as it is written. The majority, over 1050 of these signatures and their comments can be viewed here: Alabama Open Carry Petition
Several Senators and Representatives have already agreed to Co-Sponsor or pledged their support of this bill once it reaches the floor. It is clear from the support that this bill is receiving that this is something Alabama has needed for a long time.

Once again, I urge you to move quickly to pass this bill as it is written. Please listen to the voice of the people and support what they are asking for.

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.