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Constitution Authority??

This is a discussion on Constitution Authority?? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; No. Wilson and his gang in congress sold us out Christmas night when no one was looking in 1917. The US Corporation was quit claimed ...

View Poll Results: Does the Federal government have Constitutional Authority to legislate firearms?

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Thread: Constitution Authority??

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    Wilson and his gang in congress sold us out Christmas night when no one was looking in 1917. The US Corporation was quit claimed by FDR to the IMF in 1944 in the Bretton Woods agreement. Nixon finished us off in 1973 by abandonning the gold standard. Bookmark the link in my signature.
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    The States share culpability:

    Here's a video that I guarantee you won't forget anytime soon! She didn't cry, although she came close to losing it, and she gave those a reality check they dearly needed.
    Texas girl, Judy Dorsett Tyler, had the encroachment on her second amendment rights so graphically illustrated. The honorable senator from New York , Chuck Schumer, "with his continual smug look" was getting a little uncomfortable in his chair.
    The room was absolutely dead quiet throughout her testimony and the gun banners (meaning Senators who want to BAN citizens' ownership of all guns) absolutely speechless as this little Texas gal chews them up and spits them out.
    She knows what the 2nd amendment is really all about. Watch it. You will be glad you did. And please pass it along. Click on link below.

    Suzanna Gratia-Hupp: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For
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    Constitutional Authority

    The poll may be factually flawed, perhaps it leads to something yet more disturbing.

    Given the law is Constitutional, only Congress has such authority. But there's the matter of delegating that authority via "enabling legislation".

    And it's not just firearms affected. Your life and mine has been roundly regulated by non-elected government employees who have been given rote, remote authority by Congress to regulate.

    The scope of this has increased phenomenally since the 1950s.

    This fiat by swarm of unelected "overseer" effects nearly every aspect of our citizen lives.

    The bigger question is the present lawfulness of enabling regulation which allows non-elected government employees to construct law and reduce individual citizens by fiat of regulatory hegemony.

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    What scares me more is the fact that 16 people on these forums at the time I participated in the poll indicated they do not know or support the government controlling our right to weapons.

    And that woman GETS IT!!!!! I love her closing statement, "To protect ourselves from you guys up there".
    "I believe that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive." - Ronald Reagan

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