Marc Dann (D), Candidate For Ohio Attorney General

If you are one of those people who think only Republicans fight to protect your Second Amendment rights, you need to meet Ohio Senator Marc Dann. He was the first, and one of only two elected officials to walk with grassroots activists in an “open carry” walk before concealed carry became law in Ohio. At that time, the House had passed a good concealed carry bill, but the Senate had failed to take action to send the legislation to the Governor. Many have observed a striking similarity to where we are today with HB347.

If you are a Republican who is happy with Governor Taft and Senator Mike DeWine, then you will probably like Marc Dann’s opponent. But if you are sick of your party selling you out to the highest bidder, or what ever else would make a person fight to kill good legislation for gun owners, than you need to support Marc. He is the only pro-gun candidate running for Attorney General, a crucial office for the gun owner.

There are many people who did the work required to make Ohio a shall-issue state. If you have a concealed handgun license (CHL), Marc Dann is one of the people you should thank—something you can do in November by giving him your vote for Attorney General.

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