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2nd Amendment Sucks

This is a discussion on 2nd Amendment Sucks within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Stubborn The Second Amendment is not the problem or the issue here. The people of your state, and a handful of other ...

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Thread: 2nd Amendment Sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stubborn View Post
    The Second Amendment is not the problem or the issue here. The people of your state, and a handful of other states have put politicians in office and ALLOWED those politicians to restrict or limit your rights. We are speaking about a right, not a privilege. Your rights are limited or restricted because the citizenry of Maryland have ALLOWED those rights to be limited over the years.
    I don't mean to sound cold or uncaring to your problem, but fact is fact.

    The states of Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, have restricted gun rights because the people have ALLOWED those rights to be restricted by politicians. I sympathize with you, but the only way to regain those rights is through grass roots organization to work to elect pro-gun people that will restore the rights of the people.
    Just my $.02 cent opinion.


    The fodder that reside in the Fascist governed states listed, in addition to NYC, Chicago and a few others have bent over and, said "Thank you sir, may I have another" for so long, this is the end net result.

    Bid us and our prosperity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship, and plough ,and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war, to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth?
    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of
    freedom, go from us in peace, we ask not for your counsel, or arms
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you, may your chains sit lightly upon you,
    And may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen Samuel Adams
    I would rather die with good men than hide with cowards
    If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans
    Don't ever think that the reason I'm peaceful is because I don't know how to be violent

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    Self preservation / defense is a natural right.....it's only how our elected officials see it.....so who is really to blame......just keep electing those dumb bastages and it will never change.....less talk and a little more action at the polls. Get rid of the damn corrupt Lawyers...

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    "While the Declaration of Rights does say that "a well regulated Militia is the proper and natural defence of a free Government," it does not guarantee a right to bear arms. This makes the Maryland Constitution one of the very few state constitutions that lacks the equivalent of the federal Second Amendment."

    And if "we the people" of the State of Maryland do not want this changed then they get the government they deserve.

    "Violence is seldom the answer, but when it is the answer it is the only answer".

    "A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves".


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    In McDonald v Chicago, the US Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment was incorporated and thus applied to the states. IIRC, it overturned the 7th Circuit decision and remanded for a rehearing that I do not think has yet resulted in a new 7th Cir. decision. Between, McDonald and a number of other cases floating around the various Circuits, the Supreme Court will no doubt weigh in on the question of when a locality's CCW requirements become so restrictive as to violate the Heller ruling. At some point, either when the 7th Circuit reissues McDonald, or when the other Circuits weigh in on the issue and a coflict among the Circuits arises, the Supreme Court will likely end up issuing an opinion that begins to set some basic ground rules that - I hope - begin to rein in jurisdictions like Maryland and DC

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