TITLE OF BILL : An act to amend the penal law, in relation to the
administrative provisions relating to the issuance of firearms

PURPOSE : OF THE BILL: To prohibit, outside of New York City, a
license-issuing officer from imposing unregulated restrictions or
conditions on a firearms license or license holder.

I just got off the phone with Robin Schimminger's office. Basically, the Bill is dead and you can thank the NRA and the NYSPRA.

Here's what I was told.

Many years ago, Schimminger had a similar Bill. The only difference was that it covered the WHOLE State, including NYC. The Bill went nowhere for 10 years. Someone else wanted to get behind the Bill but, suggested that they might have better luck moving it if they removed NYC from the equation, this resulted in A10063.

A10063 was gaining support and actually showed promise, until the NRA and NYSPRA got involved. Their concern being, that if given a choice between issuing non-restricted licenses and not issuing licenses AT ALL, licensing agencies would choose the later. Schimminger didn't think that would happen but, he obviously wants the support of the NRA and NYSPRA. They scared him enough that he decided to NOT push the Bill anymore....that's that.

I'm so disgusted right now that I can barely see straight. Personally, I'm sick of playing defense on gun control laws. Every time we get the ball...we fumble....ENOUGH. We're constantly fighting to keep what we have left instead of fighting for everything that is rightfully ours.