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Common sense alternative to H.R. 822 (carry reciprocity)

This is a discussion on Common sense alternative to H.R. 822 (carry reciprocity) within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I felt the need to chime in on this issue...... First off, driving is a right protected by the US Constitution. Most don't realize it ...

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Thread: Common sense alternative to H.R. 822 (carry reciprocity)

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    I felt the need to chime in on this issue......

    First off, driving is a right protected by the US Constitution. Most don't realize it but there is case after case after case at the federal level where your RIGHT to drive is protected. It doesn't matter, the states still think they can regulate that right and do, for financial reaons, because the average American doesn't realize that they can challenge tickets, fines, registrations and alike under law and win. Driving on American Roads is a Constitutional Right, not a State-Granted 'Privledge' By Richard James McDonald (Apr. 7, 2005)

    Second, there is reciprocity with driver licenses. Again, most average Americans don't understand this. It's call the the Driver License Compact and is an agreement between states whereby one state manages a driver record but all other states recognize this record. Trust me, not even the states understand this agreement that has been around since the 60's but it has teeth. And it's primary function is to provide a means by which an individual does not hold more then one license at any time.

    Third, and finally, HR 822 does not create or establish ANY permitting or licensing scheme at the federal level, much like a lot of those that posted here think. It is an act, a federal law, that says basically that if I get a permit in my home state of residency, and travel to any other state that has a law/process on the books for issuing permits to its residents, regardless if they actually do issue them or not, then the person issued a permit from his home state can travel to that other state legally with a concealed firearm. The only thing that person would have to observe is carry exemptions in the state traveled to and federal carry exemptions. So, me with my Florida permit, having applied to the PRNJ (that's the Peoples Republic of New Jersey) and been denied by NJ because despite their own state law saying they do issue permits, the reality is that they do not - I would now be able to travel with my concealed firearm from Florida to NJ, through NJ and back without any issues, legally (that still won't stop all the ignorant of the law cops out there from causing me problems that would ultimately be dismissed). It leaves the permitting responsibility on the home state not the feds. This law is designed to simplify the process, which is needed and trust me I know this as I travel to and through many states with confusing legal firearm statutes and policies that have serious criminal ramifications should I interpret them wrong. It's a good thing if we want to move forward in gun legislation. If you don't agree, then I invite you to research recent cases coming out of NJ where innocent, well meaning and law abiding citizens, residents of other states, ruined their lives by trying to comply with federal law with respect to the simple act of "transporting" (an already protected action) a firearms into the state, not carrying concealed.

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    These conversations/threads get crazy enough without having to sift through stuff like item 1 and 2 in post 16 related to driving.

    I looked at that stuff at the provided URL and quickly read through the stuff on that matter you posted, and basically, dude, tell it to the judge. Then come back and post and tell us how much the fine was for driving without a license or driving with an invalid license.

    But, you are sort of on the right track with your analysis of 822, so I won't "verbally" bash the daylights out of you for the other drivel which has nothing to do with DC anyway.
    If the Union is once severed, the line of separation will grow wider and wider, and the controversies which are now debated and settled in the halls of legislation will then be tried in fields of battle and determined by the sword.
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