Viginia may change its laws

Viginia may change its laws

This is a discussion on Viginia may change its laws within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; VA has it's own background check and apparently limits purchases to one a month... That may change... Good for VA! Story here...

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Thread: Viginia may change its laws

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    Viginia may change its laws

    VA has it's own background check and apparently limits purchases to one a month... That may change... Good for VA!

    Story here
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Just for clarification: If you have a CHP in VA, the one purchase per month goes away. There is no limit once you have CHP in hand. And, we are a CHP shall issue state.
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    Exclamation Fire Mission poll:

    Fire Mission poll:

    Should Virginia drop its criminal background check for firearm purchases, and rely on the federal system? | |

    38% (373 votes)

    59% (577 votes)

    Not sure
    3% (25 votes)

    Total votes: 975

    This initiative is really 1) about the waste of taxes by duplicating requirements and 2) about the slow down in getting approvals -- whether intentionally (as an effort to reduce sales) or as the results of funding cut to / funding short-falls for the positions to get the job done in a reasonable time.

    Additional personal point:

    There is a process for having the ATF issue you a special ID number to identify you from whoever the convicted felon is with a similar name. However, the VSP's Web site does not have a field for this information.

    As my name is the same (other than our MI) as the birth-name of Muhammed Dawood (one of the first people charged and subsequently convicted under the United States' Military Commissions Act of 2006), no-fly list and unnecessary delays are very real -- even when the real terrorist was locked-up.
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