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This is a discussion on new Post Office case within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I agree that the Post Office ban is ridiculous but is anyone paying attention to what's going on with the Postal Service these days? It ...

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Thread: new Post Office case

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    I agree that the Post Office ban is ridiculous but is anyone paying attention to what's going on with the Postal Service these days?

    It won't be long before this is a moot point.

    Well after posting this It read like a political rant so I deleted most of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmy40 View Post
    ...anyone paying attention to what's going on with the Postal Service these days?
    Yes; the USPS is making itself irrelevant. I get about 3 items of mail per year that are critical, and about 500 pounds of junk mail for "occupant" and another hundred pounds that has my name on it which I cut off and shred. I would vote to eliminate the USPS just to stop the avalanche. I quit going to post offices years before I started carrying.

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    is anyone paying attention to what's going on with the Postal Service these days? It won't be long before this is a moot point.
    And crap like the ridiculous ban with absurd penalties does not predispose me towards supporting their existence.

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    I read that the USPS actually does make a profit. The issue is that they are required to pay for benefits for FUTURE employees upfront (somwhere around $2 billion a year) and this what is tossing them into the red.
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    Many years ago I was at the post office on a Monday and came back on Wed and there was bullet proof glass installed.

    I asked the clerk" what with the bullet proof glass"? he replied we dont want you to be shott when one of our employees snap and start shooting the place up.
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    Why should I have to remove my weapon when I pick up my mail when the workers are the ones doing the shooting

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    I just learned that the PO is downsizing again. Supposed to eliminate over 100,000 jobs and 3500 post office buildings in the near future.
    They are also going to the European system of package storage containers at key spots. If you get a package you will be sent an E-mail with a bar code on it. You take the bar code to the package facility and scan it and the correct locker will open and you retrieve your package.
    The crux of the matter is the loss of 1st class mail. E-mail has taken it away from the PO.

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    Just an update, but I did a quick google of post office robberies and you would be surprised, more than you think. Another place to avoid, unless absolutely necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsnake View Post
    A loooong time ago, I think. The Postal Inspection Service has about a 99% conviction rate.
    John Dillenger robbed a country store that had a Post Office in it and drew a chalk line around the Postal area. He left a note for the Postal Inspectors stating that "We did NOT cross this line", because he was afraid that THEy would go after him.
    In my youth, we had very little respect for the local police, but we knew not to mess with a Postal Inspector. When the local cops had .38s and dump pouches, we saw the PIs with autos, shotguns, M16s, and their office downtown was an armored fortress. We went by it when we cut school to go fishing, and we snuck past every time. Stories I could tell...

    But anyway, I hope this gains some success, but I won't hold my breath.
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    If it does win, it's a very small baby step towards a national level, that will be an extreme uphill fight for many many years.

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    I think the "no firearms allowed" in the post office was simply due to the blanket coverage from laws concerning carrying into a Federally owned or operated building. It has nothing to do with just being the postal service.

    It reminds me of another law against carrying at a polling place for voting. My local voting/polling location is either in the library or the volunteer fire station. Either place I can carry in at any other time of the year. Once the polling booths are set up I cannot carry there legally.
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    While the post office ban is dumb, it is no more dumb than the K-12 school bans. Seriously.. Has there ever been any proof that banning guns on a particular piece of property (without having a metal detector and armed guards to enforce the ban) has ever reduced number of gun-related crimes on that property? I seriously doubt it. And as we all know, if somebody wants to rob the post office at gun point, the ban on guns in the post office is going to have very little effect.

    Fortunately, it is rare that I ever have to go in there. When I do, I just take my pepper spray. As far as I know, that is not banned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmilchman View Post
    I read that the USPS actually does make a profit. The issue is that they are required to pay for benefits for FUTURE employees upfront (somwhere around $2 billion a year) and this what is tossing them into the red.
    Yeah this statement is true. I work for the U.S. Postal Service and we get a financial summary every few months. We are the only company required by law to pre-fund future employee benefits over 25 years ahead of time. In fact, the U.S.P.S. is currently paying into the retirement system for future employees that haven't been born yet. Very stupid. A requirement set forth by congress many years ago.
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    I am a city letter carrier, a concealed pistol instructor, a former marine scout sniper, and a Nra instructor across the boards and yet, i have to park acorss the street if i have my pistol in my truck.

    So for all those other usps guys that have to drive 50 miles one way unarmed i share your misery.

    I and other letter carriers walk deep into parts of the city that cops fear to go, and all we have is dog spray


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    I would love to see them win their case. Tempted to find their address and send them a check to help with their attorney's fees/court costs.

    I just heard about this story yesterday or the day before. Well yesterday I go to work and one of the women I work with tells me this story. I have in the past told her that she needs to take the class and get her carry permit.

    Yesterday at work she tells me that on the way home the other night (late about midnight), she stops in to check her mail at the Post Office in her little bitty country town that she lives in. One of these post offices where there is usually "never" anyone around that time of night. My living room is probably bigger than the inside of the post office. Well, there was a bicycle outside the PO, she thinks it's strange, but not much more about it. She walks in and gets the mess scared out of her, a guy just inside the door sitting on a large bag. She screamed and turned ready to defend herself. They guy apologized and said he didn't mean to scare her.

    Turns out, he was a homeless guy trying to get out of the weather. He was sitting there playing a PSP playstation. Probably the only two things in life he has of value, the PSP and his bicycle. She said he smelled awful.

    She immediately remembered my telling her that she needed to take the course and get her permit. She went home kinda shook up and told her husband and she called the local police and reported it, because we have a bank robber that is on the loose up here and that was her first thought, then because he scared the mess out of her. She was upset about it.

    When she told me this story and mentioned she remembered about me telling her to get her permit, I told her that it would still be a good idea however, it would be a felony for her to carry it in the Post Office.

    Which brought me to this post. Yeah, some unsavory individuals hang out at Post Offices, especially late at night, early morning, etc.

    I hope they win the case.
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