Another victory for us!

Another victory for us!

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Thread: Another victory for us!

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    Another victory for us!

    And defeat for the anti's that try and distort the truth and lie in order to keep us law abiding citizens from blood shed in the street's and gun fight's at the OK corral. This one is about Ohio but it's doesn't matter where you are in the US the outcome is still the same

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    Woooo Hooooo,

    But then I think that everyone here already knew that, but still good to see it out there.
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    As a born, raised, schooled, worker, retiree of the great state of Wisconsin, it sickens me that we have some sheeple politicians that just don't get it. Hopefully, after the November elections we'll have enough votes to finally pass the concealed carry rights laws we've been working toward for many years.
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    well met....
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    And the truth shall set you free!
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    I simply can't believe that Ohio's streets aren't running red with blood.

    That's great news from a state that really needs great news. Hopefully, they can turn some of their bad laws into better laws.

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    Good to see truth put out, even if it is way too infrequent.

    It will not of course greatly influence our detractors - who live with heads in dark places and rely on emotion and the desire for control.
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    Great news.

    May I just say....w00t!

    I say again, w00t.

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    It doesn't matter to the anti's. When/if WI ever brings up the issue of Shall Issue Concealed Carry, I'll bet everyone here a french fry that the same, "The streets will run with blood" and "The state will be awash in guns on the street" will ring even though it's been proven to be false (sorry, my lisp got in the way) in every state that has Shall Issue permits (the states with may issue (NY,CA, Etc..), the cries above have become true, especially in their utopia of D.C. which has only Federal issue (for feds only)).

    BTW, I like home made fries so please, no micky d's okay

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    And the people said "Amen!" But the antis conrinue to wallow in deception.

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    hey WI had the votes last time to get the law veto'd the bill and killed it. time to vote him out!

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