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The OP is making slanderous comments without understanding the entire situation of CC supporters in the state legislative offices. He also brings up this 300,000 number that has no backing to it. There is no mention of this number mattering for any reason. It has nothing to do with the passage of any bill, or the repeal of one, should we elect anti-gun representatives.

The real agenda for unions is to reverse what was done against them by the current Governor. A Governor that has angered so many people he will face the first ever recall election for his position. I guarantee you that the 15% of the workforce alone is not strong enough to force a recall election. Especially when there are enough union members that support Walker to prevent that from happening.

When we had a Democratic Governor, one of the houses was Democratically controlled, and passed two different CC bills that went to the Governor and were vetoed. That house was one vote short of a super majority override of the second CC bill veto being overridden. That is fact. A matter of public record as well.

The chances of any legislation being passed repealing the CC law is minute. As long as we keep electing pro-2A legislators (of any party) that will remain true.

Fear mongering does not make the OPs accusations worthwhile. Those accusations are of a minority that exist only in numbers in two places. Milwaukee and Madison. The rest of the state just needs to keep electing pro-gun candidates as we have been doing to make their "dreams" never come true. There is a very good reason that Wisconsin has traditionally had some of the least restrictive gun ownership laws in the nation for decades now.
I agree with these statements 99%. That one percent is reserved for that "minority" in the "bigger cities" in WI. The reason for the reservation? Chciago, while not a minority of the population, rules all of Illinois... And the people in the Capitol of WI are closest (physically) to the constituency in the capitol city. And squeaky wheels tend to get greased...

I hope the carry situation in WI continues to improve. I have 99% faith that it will.