You think we've got it rough?

You think we've got it rough?

This is a discussion on You think we've got it rough? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; (Mods - This seemed like the best place for this, but if you think it belongs elsewhere .....) I was running around this morning taking ...

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Thread: You think we've got it rough?

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    You think we've got it rough?

    (Mods - This seemed like the best place for this, but if you think it belongs elsewhere .....)

    I was running around this morning taking care of a few clients. Saturday morning is usually a quiet time and I listen to a fair amount of AM radio. I was scanning the stations and just happened to catch the tail end of a piece about Mexican gun "rights" and laws. It caught enough of my attention that I looked up the whole story when I got home. It was on NPR of all things.

    Here is the story.
    Mexican Community Takes Taboo Stance On Guns : NPR

    The idea that, in the U.S., it is as easy to buy an "assault rifle" as it is a beer is a little dramatic, in my opinion.

    There is only ONE gun store in Mexico and the initial purchase permit is $10,000. Wow.

    It is legal to OWN a firearm, but not to BUY a firearm. Huh?

    The head-in-the-sand comments from the three people at the end of the story are particularly frightening to me, as they could easily have come from some of our neighbors and co-workers.

    This is what we all MUST prevent from happening in our beloved country. This is why we MUST be diligent in fighting ANY encroachment of our Rights.

    Read this story, and see a snapshot of our future if we become too complacent or over confident in the unassailability of the Second Amendment.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I was told that the military is the only people that can own/carry firearms larger than 38/9mm caliber,LEO's can carry 9mm/38spl or 38 super ,regular Mexican citizens can own no larger than a 22 caliber pistol.This is info I got from a friend that lived in Mexico for a few years
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    Wow! Very stong and powerful gun laws.
    Now let's see who has the guns? Oh yeah, just the criminals.
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    It's set up so only the rich and the drug cartels can have them.

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    The author still managed to knock US gun laws 4 or 5 times, along with "outing" important folks in the fight to allow Mexican citizens the ability to legally obtain firearms. I wonder if one of those folks in particular will wind up dead or missing soon? Typical NPR tactics.
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    A whole country as a "Un-armed Victims Rich Zone" or a " Safety Zone for Criminal" or a “Free-fire Zone for Deranged Killers” a.k.a “Gun Free Zone” (which aren’t because criminals, by definition, don’t obey the law) is working just like the Brady Bunch, NPR, and the rest of the anties predict it will -- right.


    I know of some ocean front property in Arizona for sale, if you buy that line.
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    The guy who wrote this needs to pull his head out. Assault rifle as easy to buy as a beer? Moron. OTOH, it is amazing an article like that even got written at all...

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    Mexico today looks like what the US would look like without 2nd Amendment protections.

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    Mexico is a hellhole. In other news, water is wet.

    (I obviously understand that there are beautiful parts of Mexico and not everything there is bad, but the drug industry and the gov't are out of control)

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    If Mexico is so wonderful, why are most of them trying to move North?
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    I dunno, I think UK gun laws may be a little worse. They also throw you in prison if you try to defend yourself with non-lethal methods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    If Mexico is so wonderful, why are most of them trying to move North?
    Their national economy collapsed in 1994 with the collapse of the peso due to foreign banking cartel manipulations. They had no choice but come North, where we don't enforce immigration laws.

    Now our economy has been sucked dry by the same banking cartels. See a pattern?

    Not to hijack the thread, the southern border is not safe, at least not based on news reports. NPR is doing a disservice to the citizens of this country and the sooner public financing of propagandists is removed, the better. Why aren't they pursuing the ATF scandal or investigating Holder or MF Global or Solyndra or the forged birth certificate BO produced? Is it just me or have we all lost our minds?

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