Monday, starting at 8AM -- and it is only a three hour meeting.

See: Bill Tracking - 2012 session > Docket

There are at least a dozen RKBA/gun-related bills on that docket -- including the ones reported in our thread comments @ Virginia Legislation -- More Fire Missions for Virginia members.

Some of these are the ones that "an inadvertent breach" of Senate Rules nullified from a six hour marathon meeting, last Wednesday.

Given the short time limits on the Virgina regular Legislative session, this is bad, IMHO. FYI, it meets for a maximum of 60 days long in even-numbered (budget) years and 45 days long in odd-numbered years, unless extended by a two-thirds vote of both houses. The Governor may convene a special session of the General Assembly "when, in his opinion, the interest of the Commonwealth may require" and must convene a shall convene a special session "upon the application of two-thirds of the members elected to each house. However, they address only the issues for which they are called.

Feb 15 is "Cross-over day." That's when each house may no longer consider bills orginating in that house but must only consider the bills passed by other house and/or amendments coming back from the other house -- except the Budget Bill(s) and revenue bills. IOW, nearly half the time available to get RKBA bills to the floor and passed in the originating house is gone.

If you can go, this might be a good time to do so.