[Re-posted from a VA-ALERT with prior approval of VCDL]

[First person singular pronouns (I, my, mine, etc) and “PVC” reference Philip Van Cleave, President VCDL]

On Monday the Senate Courts of Justice revoted on bills it had taken up last Wednesday due to a snafu. None of those bills changed status due to the revote.

Two additional pro-gun bills were heard and voted on:

SB 429, Senator Ruff, streamlines the Virginia form when purchasing a handgun. Passed out of committee by a 14 to 1 vote.

SB 563, Senator Ruff, miscellaneous clean up to concealed weapons code. Passed out of committee by a 11 to 4 vote.


Today, SB 663, Senator Smith, allows a CHP to be used as an ID when voting. Passed out of the Senate Privileges and Elections committee by a 14 to 1 margin.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1, after the Senate goes into recess for the day, the Senate Courts of Justice is going to consider both of Senator McEachin's anti-gun bills. I'll be there to speak against them:

SB 379, Senator McEachin, makes private firearm sales illegal.

SB 648, Senator McEachin, adds yet another penalty to a gun owner who is in possession of a gun while intoxicated.

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