Hope this passes and other States follow. You NH people lets get out and call your legislator
In January, House Bill 536 (Hoell-R), passed in the state House by a 180 to 144 vote and is currently pending consideration in the state Senate. This Right-to-Carry legislation would repeal the existing law that requires a person to have a concealed firearm license in order to carry concealed. However, HB 536 would not eliminate the current permitting system, which will still be required for those who wish to 1) participate in reciprocal concealed carry permit agreements when traveling to other states, 2) be protected in gun-free school zones and 3) be exempt from NICS when purchasing a firearm.

In New Hampshire, existing law allows any citizen who can legally own/possess a firearm to carry it openly, either loaded or unloaded, anywhere in the state. Since law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry a firearm openly without a permit, they should not become criminals just because they put on a jacket or place their firearm in their purse or briefcase. Law-abiding citizens do not suddenly turn into criminals just because they conceal their firearm. Additionally, HB 536 clarifies existing law concerning the sale of pistols and revolvers.

HB 536 would take a big step towards the government trusting its law-abiding citizens. Please call AND e-mail your state Senator today and urge him or her to SUPPORT HB 536.