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Marine says NO!

This is a discussion on Marine says NO! within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; NY gun laws are completely asinine and unjustifiable. Unfortunately, I think this particular case will only reinforce them in the courtroom. This Marine will likely ...

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Thread: Marine says NO!

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    NY gun laws are completely asinine and unjustifiable. Unfortunately, I think this particular case will only reinforce them in the courtroom. This Marine will likely to go jail for nothing, and that is a real shame.

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    This will not change the NY gun laws. They might be unconstitutional to "us", but they are NY's laws regardless. He was offered an out and didn't take it. Now he'll probably do the time.
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    I thought the constitution read,

    Article 4/Section 2:

    "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." Am I taking this out of context?

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    Quote Originally Posted by genauwiedu View Post
    I thought the constitution read,

    Article 4/Section 2:

    "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." Am I taking this out of context?
    Oh, if it was only that simple............for over 200 years the Constitution has been being interpreted. The 1st A does not allow for all speach. People can love or hate the SCOTUS but look what would happen if there was none. Every state would be making laws with zero oversight and zero protection to its citizens.
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    This is one battle he will lose; the law is the law. Without question he is guilty and it's hard to fight a court battle (right or wrong) from another state so why try. they will keep dragging him in until he gets tired of showing up just to be postponed another day by then the offer will change.

    This is a battle the people of NYC need to fight but it seems like a lot of them don't care because the keep electing anti-gun mayors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon J View Post
    Option 1 leave post haste.
    Option 2 retreat to a close by gun friendly state, drop off gun and return for the tour.
    Nothing like that within a 2-hour drive!
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    I applaud his guts and wish him luck. OORAH & Semper Fi.
    His arrest and others like his are "easy" arrests used to jack up numbers so the morons in NYC power feel they are safer. Let Dumberg go into all areas of the city without his armed escorts and see how safe he feels. What hypocrisy! I for one will never go to NYC for any reason and never spend 1c there. Now if all the weapon license holders did that, maybe NYC would feel some kind of financial need to revise the anti 2A laws.
    I guess NYC likes the laws. That way only LEOs and BGs carry weapons. That means if you're not one, you're the other. How moronic. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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    My opinion on this is undoubtedly controversial: to put it as a question, how many marines died in retaliatory action for a certain terrorist attack on NYC? In light of NY gun laws, I am not certain that I would come to their defense.

    I wish him the best of luck and I hope he gives NY all that they deserve and more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    Just because he was a marine doesnt mean he is above the law. Sorry, but he messed up. Ignorance is not a good defense....
    I didn't imply he was above the law. My point is that this man has put his life on the line for us all, so we can critique him here, he was deemed worthy of our trust with far more fire power than a simple hand gun. The only "messes up" part is the unconstitutional hence illegal gun laws in that city. It will take but one (with the right legal counsel) to kick Bloomberg in his anti gun rear.

    'The law is the law " is no excuse for complacency and playing the part of the sheep. For until challenged and proven such it will take but one individual (with the right counsel) to stop this "insanity" once and for all.
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    He should have known better. I don't agree with NY gun laws but if you are travelling to another state, you damn well better know their gun laws if you're going to carry.
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    I dont think "confusion" about NY laws would be a defense..even if they are confusing..apparently where you are in the jurisdiction matters in NY weapons law as the state has a northern area where it is possible to carry, without being a Judge (Judge are allowed to CC) and a Southern area where it is impossible outside of your home/biz to carry a weapon, registered or not...Ny is one of a handful of states that deem "gun rights" a CIVIL right, or more properly a matter of local law, without contitutional protection...NY is a flyover state for me...and if I gotta..Im rollin straigt through...sadly this stupid armed messenger, former Marine is going to get ground up...

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    I wish more people would use the Search box. This has been covered almost to death. I will post this again. It is not that hard to the normal person to obtain an NYC resident permit. Yes, many more people have been applying. You fill out the paperwork and submit and wait 6 months and you will get approved (barring drug arrest and DV charges). You will not be able to carry everywhere but you will be able to protect yourself and loved ones at home.

    The further you move out of the 5 boros and it gets easier to get. These are the laws. Not my sandbox so not rules.

    Yes, Bloomberg is antigun and has had a CCW permit for years and when you have the political power and are a billionaire you can have a full carry too. Not fair. But it is, what it is.

    I will state for fact that there are people on this site who posses an NYC carry permit.

    You can apply and will receive one depending on your profession and reason.

    How about a Doctor who writes scripts for pain meds?
    An attorney who has threats from clients?
    How about a pharmacist who dispenses pain meds?
    How about tow truck driver who picks up wrecked cars in the middle of the night?
    How about a plumber who does emergency calls in the projects at night?
    How about an armed security guards?

    All reasonable professions that should be armed.

    NYPD should issue of any of these reasons.

    If the Marine would have applied and showed that he carries large sums of cash and jewels. He would have received at least a restricted carry that would allow him to carry while working. The hundreds spent would have saved his thousands today.

    Would the members of DC be singing the same tune if I went to Cali and got arrested because I was carrying Illegally? I am sure you would say "He should have known better." It is my responsibility to know the laws and be 1000% sure.

    I am a gambler (love craps) but I know the rules of the game and play to give myself the best odds of winning but I am NOT willing to gamble my freedom by not checking out the law for myself.

    Rant Off

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    WE, in the republic of NY have NO permit/gun reporicoty with Anyone. and NYC is a big no no here. BUT that should be better stated. BUT if we have no reprocity then that settles his indiana license no good in ny...sorry...I know a marine..thank you but....... HARDER as MILLIONS on welfare depending on YOU !!

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    I'll say this. The people of NY need to enact change. Vote the bums out and get your rights back.

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    I'll say this. The people of NY need to enact change. Vote the bums out and get your rights back.
    NY City has a very long history of draconian gun control: The voters like it that way. When it comes to guns and gun control party lines are blurred in New York. Case in point: Google up Peter King (R). King often sponsors gun control schemes and has even proposed a few gun control schemes of his own.

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