N.Y. Micro Stamping Bill Finally Bites The Dust fFor Good!

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Thread: N.Y. Micro Stamping Bill Finally Bites The Dust fFor Good!

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    Thumbs up N.Y. Micro Stamping Bill Finally Bites The Dust fFor Good!

    One of the stupidest anti-gun bills ever proposed is dead. Money talks B. S. Walks as logic pervails in New York

    N.Y. Budget Committee Strikes Down
    Ballistics Imaging and Microstamping
    COMMITTEE APPROVES BUDGET MINUS ANTI-GUN PROVISIONS . . . NSSF is pleased to announce that a joint New York state budget committee today voted on a revised budget (AB 9055D) that repeals the ballistics-imaging (COBIS) requirement from state law. Anti-gun legislators had also tried to include a provision in the bill that would have mandated microstamping throughout the state. Remington Arms Co. and Kimber Manufacturing, both New York-based manufacturers, voiced strong opposition to microstamping in Albany. This is a tremendous victory for law-abiding firearm owners, retailers and manufacturers. NSSF encourages all New Yorkers to contact members of the Joint Budget - Public Protection/Criminal Justice/Judiciary Committee and thank them for their votes today.
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    that's a shame.
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    Gone for a year, perhaps, but it'll come back again.
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    Yeah it will be back. Between the Brady Bunch and that scumbag Bloomberg and all his libby buddies in congress...
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    Micro stamping is for small minds.
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    Did anyone film the female legislator (the bill's sponsor that Ginny Simone interviewed) throwing a hissy fit?
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    This would be tantamount to taking your car in to the state to have them put it on a brakepad test, to see how your tiretracks look, in case you ever run somebody over and flee the scene of the accident.

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