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Bloomberg to push to overturn 'stand your ground' laws nationwide

This is a discussion on Bloomberg to push to overturn 'stand your ground' laws nationwide within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Never waste a good crisis! Exploit it before people come to their senses.......

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Thread: Bloomberg to push to overturn 'stand your ground' laws nationwide

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    Never waste a good crisis! Exploit it before people come to their senses....

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    Quote Originally Posted by slugger6 View Post
    Mayor Bloomberg can kiss my ____ !
    Bloomberg can kiss my magazine! Finished for you ; )

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    Bloomberg just needs to focus on NYC

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    If I had my own security detail and billions like Bloomberg then maybe I would be so flippant about self-defense laws.If He really cared about such as public safety He would fix New York City and let the rest of We The People protect ourselves.But remember to Him We are unrefined peasants.

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    When someone buys an election they assume they can do whatever they want.
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    Updated Ariticle on this Ass Hat!

    UPDATE ARTICLE Below, more detail = 'You must submit to all criminals that attack you'

    The campaign aims to repeal or reform the laws that eliminated a person's duty to retreat when threatened with serious bodily harm or death. These laws have passed in 25 states.

    Bloomberg said these laws undermine the integrity of the justice system, threaten public safety and make it more difficult to prosecute shooters.

    The grassroots campaign will contact state legislators who have passed what he terms "shoot first" laws, produce education material for the public and create model legislation.

    Mayor Bloomberg launches campaign against gun laws - WMDT 47 News - Delmarva's Choice
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    I hope he spends his fortune,all of it, for nothing.

    Some people think that the whole world is no different than their own. They are very wrong.
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    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    He won't be happy until he gets the rest of the Country as safe as NYC!
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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    This guy is blinded by his money and ego. In the larger scheme of things it will mean nothing. Like one person said, I hope Bloomberg spends all his money "tilting at that windmill".
    A woman must not depend on protection by men. A woman must learn to protect herself.
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    Never let an artificially-manufactured crisi go to waste.

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    How about that Superbowl ad he paid for? Powerful stuff.

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    As some have mentioned already Bloomberg has his own armed 'stand your ground' body guards. He is one of those "don't do as I do, do as I say" people.

    However full of hot air we think he is we can not let our guard down. He has the money to push what he seeks which makes him a danger to our 2nd amendment and state laws. Our battle is one that most likely will never end. We can never stop telling our government representatives that we do not ever want to give up our 2nd amendment rights or the right to defend ourselves.

    Sadly tragedy's often happen. Will there be times when a shooting is ruled as not in self defense, of course there will. That is no reason we should throw out the baby with the bath water. People have too many drinks and kill someone with their vehicles, we still allow people to drive.

    Mayor Bloombreg, the NAACP and the other groups that are pushing for a nationwide appeal of these laws are doing it for self serving purposes. Appealing of the laws would reverse the "even playing ground" law abiding citizens have gained over the criminals it recent years. The want to name the proposed law the "Trayvon Martin Law". A more appropriate name for the proposed law should be "Criminals Have no Fear No One Will Shoot Back and You Will Be Allowed to Cop a Plea to Serve Little Prison Time" Funny how so many anti gun laws (or proposed laws) protect the criminal element and subtly punish the law abiding citizens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    People like bloomberg, menino, and daley really give me a feel about the real IQ of the voters in their areas. It makes me laugh it is so pathetic that all of these people allow these hypocritical rich "tyrants" pull the wool over their eyes and deny them the same rights and perks they themselves cannot do without, and this goes way beyond the 2A...... I feel sad for these voters, then I realize it is their blind stupidity that makes them subjects with a false sense of security.
    I agree but this is happening in every area of the country, on both sides of the aisle.
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    What a mess.....I think today I lost faith in our system due to the community lynch mob rule......I got a sick to my stomach feeling abt everything being played out today in the news....

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    Bloomberg can suck my brass..
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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