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Maybe I got a different gist of what is happening in Tampa.. From what I got out of the video is that the Secret Service tried to create a GUN FREE perimeter but because of the Firearms laws that exist in Tampa.. they can not ban guns at the convention.. So the Secret Service is making the rules and restricting everything else.. (of course.. hopefully we all know who is in charge of the Secret Service at the Moment.. Obama's other main squeeze Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security) to make the powers that be as happy as possible.. and knowing who they are.. the RNC should feel lucky that they selected a place that is so pro 2a and pro-gun.
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It's a "Special Security Event" as declared by the Secret Service...

National Special Security Event - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They make the rules...not the political party
The video is reaching for laughs.

The fact is that the Republican Party has no role in security in Tampa. The Secret Service is the security authority for the NSSE in Tampa, i.e., inside the Republican National Convention. For other local areas during the convention, the Tampa city council is considering a ban on the following:

• Citywide, there would be a ban on carrying pieces of wood, hard tubes or anything else that could be used as a club, as well as water guns, super soakers, air guns, paintball guns, explosives, switchblades, hatchets, slingshots, brass knuckles, Mace, chains, crowbars, hammers, shovels, or any container containing urine, fecal matter or other bodily fluid.

• In the Clean Zone, the ban would be expanded to prohibit ropes, straps, tape or string longer than 6 inches, glass containers, ceramic vessels, light bulbs, padlocks and bicycle locks, things that could be used as portable shields and gas masks.

• Inside the protest area, the ban would be expanded still further to prohibit aerosol cans, camping gear, coolers and ice chests, fireworks, lasers, bottles, cans, thermoses, sticks, poles, ladders and umbrellas with metal tips.
There is no apparent party affiliation for the members of the Tampa city council.

BTW, state pre-emption of local gun laws is a good thing in existence in many states.