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IRS to revoke gun rights and passports?

This is a discussion on IRS to revoke gun rights and passports? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; - The only thing about firearms in there is a clause that says: (2) FIREARMS.—This chapter and regulations prescribed under this chapter do not prohibit— ...

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Thread: IRS to revoke gun rights and passports?

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    The only thing about firearms in there is a clause that says:

    (2) FIREARMS.—This chapter and regulations prescribed under this chapter do not prohibit—

    (A) or regulate transportation of a fire24
    arm (as defined in section 232 of title 18), or
    ammunition for a firearm, by an individual for
    personal use; or

    (B) transportation of a firearm or ammunition in commerce.
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

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    The latest from NRA, which validates the "Ho Hum" conclusions:

    Rumor Control

    Reports have been circulating regarding S. 1813--a highway bill recently passed by the U.S. Senate. The story goes that this bill would allow the IRS to seize your passport and your guns if you owe more than $50,000 in back taxes. The claims are totally bogus.

    Although the bill is certainly long and complex, those who suggest that the bill is anti-gun are totally misreading it.

    The only firearms-related language in this bill is part of a lengthy provision on hazardous material transportation. The language (see bottom of page 1320) makes clear that the personal transportation of firearms and ammunition isn't regulated or prohibited by the federal hazardous material transportation laws, and commercial transportation isn't prohibited by those laws. This is a pro-gun, rather than anti-gun, provision.

    Some reports claim the bill would allow the government to revoke gun permits. However, the "permits" referred to (on page 1323 of the bill) are "special permits"related to hazardous material transportation, and have nothing to do with firearms. This section of the bill begins on page 1314 of the bill, which provides citations to the relevant sections of Title 49, U.S. Code, none of which relates to firearms.

    All of this is also completely unrelated to the bill's provisions on revocation of passports for people with unpaid taxes. Those provisions appear in a separate part of the bill. Contrary to some reports, the revocation of an individual's passport does not prohibit the person from possessing firearms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elk Hunter View Post
    So as long as I pay my taxes I have nothing to worry about
    Paying your taxes could prove to be difficult is your money is 'worthless'...I'm just sayin'...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    The latest from NRA, which validates the "Ho Hum" conclusions:
    Thank you for posting that. It is very important that issues are discussed from a base of factual information
    instead of just rumor and paranoid panic.

    I like the use of the term: "Rumor Control" in the part you quoted.

    Entirely unrelated to guns, I do have a personal view that the ability to restrict passport issuance based on an
    a tax debt (granted a large one) is wrong. If IRS has a case on someone, charge them with a
    crime and let a judge take the passport as part of the bonding out process. Taking passports to resolve civil tax
    matters and civil judgments is in my view outside of acceptable norms; notwithstanding of course what the law is or what the case law is. It just strikes me as creepy.
    If the Union is once severed, the line of separation will grow wider and wider, and the controversies which are now debated and settled in the halls of legislation will then be tried in fields of battle and determined by the sword.
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    RIGHTS are G_D-given, not granted by the legislature. It's shameful when our Congress considers it otherwise. I hope this is stopped.
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    My firearms are not listed on any tax forms, so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by e4dan View Post
    RIGHTS are G_D-given, not granted by the legislature. It's shameful when our Congress considers it otherwise. I hope this is stopped.
    Only real rights that are God given is breathing and free thinking all other rights in America are what the constitution(now at the mercy of the Supreme Court) states and what is legislated with laws, ordinances, etc.
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