"Justifiable homicides" questioned in Detroit

"Justifiable homicides" questioned in Detroit

This is a discussion on "Justifiable homicides" questioned in Detroit within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It's a lot easier to just watch the video than to read the article, which is confusing. The jist of this article is that LE ...

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Thread: "Justifiable homicides" questioned in Detroit

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    "Justifiable homicides" questioned in Detroit

    It's a lot easier to just watch the video than to read the article, which is confusing. The jist of this article is that LE in Detroit is fixing the numbers by claiming "justifiable homicide" for some murders due to lack of manpower, expediency, and PR, among other reasons.

    Justifiable Homicides Masking the Truth about Violence in Detroit?

    One thing the reporter got (dead) wrong was this: "The State of Michigan has no stand your ground law and so a person is required to retreat from danger if possible."

    In fact in MI, SYG is called the Self-Defense Act, which was patterned after FL SYG law and passed in 2006. Basically, it says that a person not committing a crime is not required to flee before using deadly force against someone if he/she reasonably believes such force is necessary to prevent death, bodily harm or sexual assault.
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    I forget who first stated this but " The answers we get are a result of the questions we ask". In other words sometimes we ask the wrong question.
    In this case we should ask why are so many people in Detroit killing one another?

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    Nice drama program...but where was the news? How about more facts of the cases they were talking about? Those were in short supply.

    "She had a knife & he shot her". That doesn't tell us what lead up to the situation. The guy who got killed helping break up a fight, no word about what exactly he did in doing so, or, again, what lead up to that occurrence. Just a lot of dramatic cutaways & camera angles, creative (read: lousy) editing, & mournful music.

    Director: "Look down into the camera & tell me the problem here".

    Whatta crock...
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    sounds like a good coverup to get the fed money to me

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    This is nothing new. Years ago, many departments didn't want unsolved homicides on their books, so murders became suicides, etc. It has just switched to being called "justifiable".

    Shot 10 times? Worst case of suicide I ever saw!
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    All media drama to try to sway anti-gun folk to spur on for more gun control which doesn't work. They don't happen to mention that because the justifiable homicides are up the actual percentage of "victims" of homicide is less due to the bad guy getting the short end of the stick instead of the good guy where it used to be the good guys had no way to keep from being the victim.
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