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...On one side, gun rights advocates see the ATF’s “Guns for Goons” program as a government conspiracy to promote gun control. On the other side, supporters sell the feds’ Fast and Furious anti-gun smuggling gun smuggling as a “botched sting”: a virtuous though misguided attempt to shut down the “iron river” of illegal guns flowing from US gun stores to Mexican drug cartels. Now here’s a fun fact bound to fuel both sides of the “debate”:

Federal agents in South Texas have opened 123 criminal investigations as a result of a new requirement that border-state gun stores report customers who buy two or more large caliber rifles in the same week, especially those preferred by Mexican drug cartels.

The ATF’s multiple gun reporting regulation for border state gun stores was created out of whole cloth by the Bureau just as the Fast and Furious scandal was breaking. The reg requires 8500 gun dealers in four border states to file a same-day report on any sale of two or more larger than .22 caliber rifles to the same buyer in a five-day period

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