Info needed for my Criminal Justice Class

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Thread: Info needed for my Criminal Justice Class

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    Info needed for my Criminal Justice Class

    Hey guys,

    In college I'm taking a class on criminal justice, and in a chapter that I read ahead on (haha, lucky me), I can see that the writer of the book is going to be a whiny lil "I'm scared of any gun with a pistol grip stock and an 11 rd mag" kind of moron. In fact, the book actually says, "For more information on guns and crime, look at the Brady Center for Handgun Violence".. WHAT?! That's like saying, "For more information on the war in Iraq, pleace go to I mean really. Why don't they just recommend "Bowling for Columbine", you know?

    But here's I have one good card here -- A pretty decent professor who was a former judge. He's fair on letting people speak out about something in class as long as they actually have something to say, even if he doesn't agree with is personally. SO, I need some info and proof on the Brady Bunch falsifying their facts. I know they have done it several times, but I don't have anything to back that up if I said it right now. So if you guys know any instances that are listed on legit websites, PLEASE post. That way, even if the book we're using is a piece of trash, I can maybe influence some of my fellow classmates towards the right way and foil the author's liberal agenda.
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    This link will help. Debunks a lot of the retardation of the Brady Bill and does include sources.

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    Okay, I have a BA in Criminal Justice and I TEACH Criminal Justice to high school kids. THIS is a superb resource:
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    Apart from being a cop, I am an adjunct instructor of polisci and CJ.

    ... however, I do teach at a military college; so, there aren't too many lefties there. :)
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    I wish I knew about this site last fall when I wrote a 20 page paper on concealed carry. It was for my senior seminar class. I had 3 people out of a class of 9 come up to me and tell me that I changed their minds after they read it (the other 5 people were already in favor). I could have found everything I needed off of this site alone. I got my B.S. in CJ last Dec.

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    I don't teach anything.

    But, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Try this site:

    I would shy away from sites with a specific agenda either way. Just go for the facts, man.
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