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Positive Aritcle on Ohio Carry in Bar Law

This is a discussion on Positive Aritcle on Ohio Carry in Bar Law within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by noway2 I think you "got" my intentions. In case it wasn't so clear for everyone, my statement was meant as humor to ...

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Thread: Positive Aritcle on Ohio Carry in Bar Law

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    Quote Originally Posted by noway2 View Post
    I think you "got" my intentions. In case it wasn't so clear for everyone, my statement was meant as humor to highlight the absurdity of the "liberal" rant that is, again, becoming pervasive in many threads. For the most part, it is propegated by a select handful of members, but it also seem to attract a certain kind of new member, which causes me to think that Internet search engines may be labeling this forum as political via keywords.

    Gun rights and pro-2A supporters are few enough as it is, and definately a minority of the voting population. As a group, we absolutely can not afford to demonize or ostracize a subset of our supporters. It is a really sad state of affairs, but the truth is that there are forces, especially in the media, whose intention is to make you angry and give you a target for your anger and in doing so manipulate you into supporting the goals. These pundits are constantly screaming "liberal" this and "liberal" that as being the cause of everything from bad breath to violent weather and it is no wonder that we see that reflected in posts here.

    Does the "liberal" bashing gain or accomplish anything productive? Does it convince anyone to support the cause? No because if you agree with it, it is a non starter, but if you disagree with it, it is off putting. What it most certainly is though, is disrespectful. Disrespectful of this forum, it's managment, and its members who may consider themselves to be "liberal". Please do realize that there are a couple hundred active posters in this forum, but thousands of silent lurkers who may be influenced by our words and actions, even negatively.
    I'm sorry that you feel that way, but there was no bashing of liberals in my response, which was also (somewhat) meant in humor, and even stated that I'm a little far off from just conservative these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DontTreadOnI View Post
    I'm sorry that you feel that way, but there was no bashing of liberals in my response
    I think were crossing forum wires a little bit here. I realize you weren't bashing. My statement was mostly directed towards JDE101, who made multiple 'damn liberals' type references in this thread as well as a few others who do so routinely. I really don't understand why they feel such a need to do it as it's counter productive.

    If a bunch of left handed, gay, hippy, communists, with rainbow hair, and funny mustaches want to support gun rights, the members of this forum should support that, even if it is contrary to other personal views. Similarly, if we, as a collective, engage in putting others down, and call them names, how can we ever expect them to respect or support our positions?

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    I feel the need to reply to a couple of different posts. First, my opinion, from talking to several police officers in the past and from comments made by other police officers in the media, is that the majority of the rank and file police have no objection to law abiding citizens with Concealed Handgun Licenses. (We have CHLs in Ohio). It is some of the "leadership" and "politicians" that are the ones who opposed the change in Ohio's law allowing guns in restaurants that serve alcohol. By the nature of Ohio's liquor laws, there was no distinction between "bars" and "restaurants". The media, naturally, made a big deal out of "packing heat in bars" because it was much more sensational that saying the law would allow Ohioians with a CHL to go to their favorite restaurant, that happened to have a liquor license and served alcohol with meals, without having to disarm and lock their guns in their cars before going in to eat--even if they were not going to drink.

    Second, yah, I've bashed "liberals" numerous times in my posts! I use to be one when I was in college and in grad school. It is the nature of our education system. I got more and more "conservative" as I experienced the "real world" instead of the idealistic ivory tower world of academia and the atmosphere of a college town. I am now 70, and a lot more conservative than I use to be. I have an ex-wife who still lives in a college town, was a social worker all her working career after college, and is still a flaming liberal! We are on cordial terms and I just saw her at a sister-in-laws funeral a couple of months ago and at our granddaughter's graduations last weekend. We DO NOT discuss politics with each other! When I bash "leftist socialist liberals" in my posts, I mean no offense to individuals with TRUE liberal ideas! Liberal use to mean an individual with an OPEN MIND. The meaning of the term has drastically changed! "Liberal" no longer means someone with a "live and let live" attitude. Liberals today--Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc.--and their "followers" believe their way is the only way and want to impose it on everyone else! That includes taking away "our" guns. In the last election I voted against the republican challenger and for the incumbent democrat governor in Ohio because the democrat was more pro-gun than the republican. Same with the attorney-general. A lot of my views are "liberal" in the original and true sense of the term. So no offense to true liberals. I just can't stand and will continue to bash the "pointy headed intellectual effete snob" liberals who want a socialist country and who want to take away my guns!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    No, not in between at all, since they are allowed to carry in Ohio whether drinking or not. Here is their stated position:

    "Jay McDonald, president of the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, said it is ridiculous to compare a trained police officer to a regular citizen who happens have a concealed carry permit.
    “We are required to meet a much higher level of training and re-training for how to properly handle our weapons and we are trained to know in which situations to shoot and not to shoot,” McDonald said. “If they want to require the same level of training for CCW holders as I have to meet as a law enforcement officer, then we will drop our opposition.”
    Follow Up to Ohioans For Concealed Carry Editorial on Restaurant Carry
    mr. fraternal order of police is entitled to his opinion, but one of my firearms skills trainers says that the ONLY time she feels that she needs to wear her bulletproof vest is when she's training police officers, NOT us ordinary folks.

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