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Thread: Oh my <sigh>

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    One of the gunwriters a few years ago told about how he took parts of guns left over on his workbench, build new, totally unusable guns, and turned them in. He then used the money to go buy a new gun. The problem is, they think they are doing something constructive, and it is laughable, except the sheep in the flock don't understand that BGs do not turn in guns.
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    I keep waiting for one of the $100 buybacks to hit my area. I can get my hands on quite a few crappy derringers and .22 rifles for about $20-$60 each with enough incentive.
    I'd love to send the buyback sponsors a thank you note with a picture of me holding the AR15 I'd buy with my profits, too.

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    Yet another realignment of the proportion of "good" firearms to "bad" on the streets. Death of its citizens must be good for the District's coffers. Damn fools, since no criminal worth his salt is going to turn in a firearm ... hence, the very next day there will still be the same $250K of bad firearms on the street, with that many fewer defensive arms out there. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
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    It's funny how they think that BGs are going to give up tools of the trade for a measly $50 . This has been done before in other places with no effect whatsoever on crime rates or shootings , soooo , maybe put the money into something more useful .

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Please refer to my 'sig'...

    WHY do these goofy politicians keep getting re-elected? Even the 'crooked' politicians (encompasses the majority)...the ones who actually get arrested...they too, do not seem to have difficulty in keeping their jobs...
    I just don't get it!
    We're all in trouble!

    They get re-elected or elected because so many people vote for the candidate that promises the most. They have their hands out and the politician fills the hand with money, welfare, entitlements, graf, etc., etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattLarson View Post
    This is the perfect way for some felon in possession of a firearm that has been used in one or more of DC's myriad shootings to get rid of the evidence risk free.

    What a GREAT plan......

    From what I understand, the police almost always check to see if the turned-in firearms were used in a crime. Of course since everything is anonymous and no-questions-asked, all they can tell a victim's family is, "We found the gun that committed the crime." This both reinforces the notion that the firearm is evil while bringing no closure to those who grieve.

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    Can anyone provide a link to a story after this buyback occurred? How many were bought back?
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