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College campus police profiling gun owners...

This is a discussion on College campus police profiling gun owners... within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Here in Texas, the campus cops would have probably asked if anyone DIDN'T own a firearm... You need to watch out for those pinko liberals ...

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Thread: College campus police profiling gun owners...

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    Here in Texas, the campus cops would have probably asked if anyone DIDN'T own a firearm...

    You need to watch out for those pinko liberals and asking if they don't own a firearm is a good way of profiling them. Then again, so is asking them if they like to eat quiche...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burns View Post
    Why would anyone raise their hands :(
    My thought exactly. Perfect bait question as it seems harmless to answer but little do they know...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911srule View Post
    Yes they did state weapons policy after posing the question. Clearly you misjudge me...again. "Indoc" is in reference to the two day welcome aboard classes both parents and students attend. It covers financing and school policies, procedures, tours, ect. Was not referring to any other meaning. Not worried at all, just ticks me off that this was done. For one if they are looking for potential active shooters the information they sought would not help imo. If they are just looking for who to concentrate on for either dorm or vehicle searches, they are just as wrong in methodology. My belief system is not an issue here whatsoever. I am Conservative and Pro Second Amendment but it would be ignorant of me to think any college would respect that. The college is impressive, with a good reputation. They mostly all lean left imho, bothers me but so what. We live in an imperfect world. Posted this to get opinions on the subject and see if this is common place. Iwant my son to be in a safe environment just disagree with how the subject is approached. I'd much rather have the campus police be armed and well trained in how to deal with an active shooter. IMHO they should have told the kids WHAT to do if such an event happens. My biggest worry is the kids driving skills or lack there of. Much improvement needed! I am very much looking forward to my son having a good life experience in college. I am happy for him, just not looking forward to paying for this!
    I was Medical Director at a private highly selective excellent reputation technological university. We had to deal with 2 shooting events in 20 years. The university would like to avoid having any more. Late teenage is a period when some diseases like schizophrenia, and over-indulgence in alcohol, etc. first make themselves known. All private instituions can, like any private business, prohibit carry or storage on their property (in some states those prohibs do NOT have the force of law) and there are State and federal regulations regarding both concealed carry and possession of firearms on campus property including storage in a car (GFSZA does not apply to post secondary educ.). At my school, we did not want firearms kept in dorm rooms (a moment's thought should reveal why) and we offered to provide storage for weapons in a locked area controlled by University Security. You could store your weapon there, retrieve it as needed, and return it when coming back to campus. Seems to me that yelling fire in a crowded theater is not a good idea in re: 1A and guns in dorms might not be a good idea in re: 2A. I suspect that some people might disagree with both of those positions...
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    I would disagree with both of those positions. But I am a true 2nd Amendment believer. I understood why the university does things like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    Life in the North East. Aint it great.
    No offense meant, and this comment is directed more for 2A and your unalienable rights in general not really this college campus example, but you people from up north especially the northeast need to take back your States from these liberal anti-constitution scumbags. To many of you leave and come south when the going gets tough. Take the gloves off, man up and take back whats yours.
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    The sad thing about this is that I can see since it's one of the "progressive" areas is that since the criminals have guns and know that those who obey the university policy don't, there's likely to be a homicide or shooting sooner or later. Those students who raised their hands are in the spotlight right now and even more so as soon as that happens. How many crooked prosecutors have used the matching caliber excuse to convince a jury that "because it was a .40 that was dug out of the wall, and this person owns a .40, he must be guilty" and suppressed all other evidence to the contrary, including metallurgy and ballistics...politics plays a huge huge role in court whether you like it or not. I'd get my kid out of there as soon as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    Which part of "never talk to the police without a lawyer present" got by everybody?
    This would be good advise.

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    It's a shame when you have to teach your kids to keep their mouths shut around "authorities".

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