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The percentage of people causing these instances is so small it's almost not worth noting in the big picture.

We have to remember, that the violence has always occurred. We have free will. As long as we have that, then even the most repressive social structures will never stop the rare individuals from causing pain and suffering. There are plenty of instances of violence in all cultures to prove that beyond any reasonable doubt. It's a shame that so many people lose sight of that simple fact.
Yup, on both points.

To all: be careful what you wish for. It'll take a heavily repressive "psychiatric police" state to catch many such people, but what it'll take is basing the taking of such people in for interrogation long before they've committed any act of dire speech or behavior that proves the person is snapping. And even then, as SFury reminds us, it still won't stop many (most?) of such people. 1984 ain't what we want, not if we want to survive as a free people.