New Arizona gun laws take effect Thursday

New laws go into effect next week in Arizona. Many of the new laws deal with guns.

While some new laws are about to be implemented, some are just getting revamped, like Arizona's Conceal Carry law.

Beginning Thursday, it will no longer be necessary for conceal and carry permit holders to take a refresher course to renew their permits.

District 28 Representative Ted Downing says, "As of a week from now, everyone who is renewing their conceal weapons permits will not be required to take the two hour refresher course."

When you first apply for your conceal carry permit, you go through a background check, you're fingerprinted, pay a fee, then take an eight-hour training class to learn the do's and don'ts.

Under current law, when your permit expires five years later, a two-hour refresher course is mandated to renew your permit. But next week, with a change in state law, that course will no longer be required....

The Arizona Department of Public Safety oversees the permit program and, at least according to its website, opposed the change in law.