States with updates this issue: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Michigan,
New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


September 23, is National Hunting and Fishing Day. Join the Game and
Fish Department at Cabela's in Glendale, and the Sportsman's Warehouses
in Goodyear, Mesa, and Phoenix, between 9:00 a.m., and 5:00 p.m., to
discuss issues about fishing, hunting, off-highway vehicle travel and
wildlife watching. Please use the following link to read more about
Arizona's National Hunting and Fishing Day:

SB 59, sponsored by Senator Alan Lowenthal (D-27), and AB2714, sponsored
by Assembly Member Alberto Torrico (D-20), are heading to the desk of
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). Please contact Governor
Schwarzenegger today and urge him to protect your Second Amendment
freedom by vetoing SB 59 and AB 2714. Governor Schwarzenegger can be
reached by phone at (916)-445-2841, by fax at (916) 445-4633, and by
e-mail by visiting SB 59 will expand the definition
of the term "firearm" to include the frame or receiver of the gun for
purposes of the offense of failure to report a stolen or lost firearm.
This bill also makes it a crime for any person whose handgun is stolen
or irretrievably lost to not report the theft or loss to a local law
enforcement agency within five working days after his or her discovery
of the theft or loss; or within five working days after the date he or
she should have reasonably known of the theft or loss. SB59 will allow
local governments to impose even stricter reporting requirements.
AB2714 will require that no ammunition (or reloaded ammunition) may be
sold in a retail transaction unless the purchaser personally presents
evidence of his or her identity and age, as specified, to the seller of
the ammunition. Additionally, it would severely undermine California's
state preemption law. Spread the news to fellow gun owners, family and
friends that it is critical to call Governor Schwarzenegger and urge him
to veto SB 59 and AB 2714, because California's gun rights are under

The 2006 Primary elections are being held tomorrow, Saturday, September
23. If you didn't vote early, please remember to go to the polls
tomorrow and "Vote Freedom First"! For more information on voting in
Hawaii, please use the following link:

The Michigan legislature is taking up pro-gun state of emergency
legislation. On Tuesday, the Michigan House Government Operations
Committee unanimously approved (7-0) legislation that prevents the
government seizure of lawfully possessed firearms and ammunitions in a
declared state of emergency. House Bill 6363, and House Bill 6364,
sponsored by Representative Scott Hummel (R-93), prevent Hurricane
Katrina-like confiscations and amended the governor's state of emergency
powers accordingly. The bill will now go to the Michigan House for
approval. Please keep checking your email and for
updates on HB 6363 and HB 6364.

Please note that, due to a scheduling conflict, the New Hartford "Mix N'
Mingle," which was originally scheduled for October 5, has been
rescheduled for Thursday, October 19, 2006! The location remains the
same-- the Holiday Inn Utica, located at 1777 Burrstone Road, New
Hartford, NY 13413. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have
caused you and hope you will still be able to attend. If you are no
longer able to attend, please contact us ASAP at (800) 392-8683. If you
still plan to attend, you do not need to do anything, and we'll see you
on October 19.

Also, the Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Education Inc. (S.A.F.E.)
will be hosting its "2006 Right-to-Carry Conference & Second Amendment
Rally" on Sunday, October 1, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (doors open at
12:00 noon). The event will be held at the Sheraton, Long Island, 110
Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, Smithtown, NY, (631) 231-1100, (on Motor
Parkway on the North side of LIE between exits 53 & 55). In attendance
at the event will be: Wayne R. LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President;
Bob Barr, Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives and NRA Board
Member; Jim Fotis, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Alliance of
America; John Faso, Republican Candidate for New York State Governor;
John Spencer, Republican/Conservative Candidate for U.S. Senate from New
York; and John L. Cushman, S.A.F.E. President and Founder, and NRA Board

Attendees will get the latest information on the Right-to-Carry
nationwide and locally. You will meet and network with fellow sportsmen
and women concerning your civil rights and those of your children and
grandchildren. This conference will raise issues of concern and give
suggested courses of action with local and national leaders of Second
Amendment organizations and legislators from all levels of government.
You will also have a chance to win valuable prizes in drawings limited
to attendees only. Admission and parking are free, and the event is
open to your family and friends.

Finally, the Shooters' Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) will be
holding its 41st Annual "SCOPE Awards Banquet," on Saturday, October
14, 2006. Featured speakers will include NRA Second Vice President Ron
Schmeits, and several local speakers. The Banquet will be held at the
Diplomat Banquet Center, 1956 Lyell Avenue (same as 1 Diplomat Way),
Rochester, NY 14606, from 5:30-11:00 p.m. For tickets, reservations,
and more information, please visit,
or contact Ken Mathison by phone at: (585) 663-8741, or by mail at: PO
Box 12711, Rochester, NY 14612. Seating is limited, so get your tickets

This month, all gun owners in Pennsylvania need to stand up and be
heard. Anti-gun legislators, led by Representative Dwight Evans
(D-Philadelphia), are pushing new gun control measures in Harrisburg.
Pointing to data from a recent Democratic Party funded poll that
indicates suburban residents are concerned about gun violence, Evans
stated that "legislators should move beyond boundary lines and party
labels to take action on gun control." Gun-control legislation has
been dead on arrival in Harrisburg for more than a decade, because the
balance of the General Assembly supports the rights of gun owners.
However, if Representative Evans and his supporters are successful this
could change overnight. With your help, we can again stop this from
happening. Pennsylvania gun owners have two important dates to

September 25th - Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing: Senate Judiciary
Committee Chairman Stewart Greenleaf (R-12) schedules final hearing in
Harrisburg - On Sept. 25, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding
a final hearing to receive testimony relating to urban violence. The
hearing will be held 10:00 a.m., in Room 8E-B of the East Wing. During
the past several months, the committee has heard testimony from public
officials and anti-gun zealots insisting on new gun control legislation
to combat urban crime. This will be the final opportunity for NRA
members to voice their discontent regarding the lack of enforcement and
prosecution of federal and state firearm laws which has fueled violent
crime over the past year. If you're planning on testifying or need
additional information, contact Gregg Warner of Sen. Greenleaf's office,
(717) 787-6599 or

September 26th - Committee of the Whole Meeting: On Tuesday, Sept. 26,
the House of Representatives will resolve itself for one day into a
"Committee of the Whole" to focus on crime and violence in Pennsylvania.
The Committee of the Whole is a rarely used legislative mechanism
designed to allow for a more informal, free-flowing public debate of a
particularly critical issue facing the Commonwealth. Topics expected to
be addressed include "One-Gun-a-Month" legislation, elimination of
statewide preemption, semi-automatic firearm bans as well as other
anti-gun legislation that would limit your rights as law-abiding gun
owners. The time is NOW! NRA members across Pennsylvania must call or
write their State Representatives and send the message that stiff
punishment of criminals who commit crimes with guns is the key to
stopping gun violence. Please contact your State Representative at
(717) 787-2016 and State Senator at (717) 787-5920.

On Saturday, September 23, Students for the Second Amendment (SF2A) and
the Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program (CFIP) will host their third
official NRA Shooting Sports Camp¾The Alamo City NRA Youth Sportsfest.
The event will take place at the National Shooting Complex, at 5931 Roft
Road, in San Antonio, TX, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This event has
been designated an official "NRA Day" event, and is free for youngsters
18 years old and under, and just $5 for adults. For event details,
please visit: For information on
sponsorship, please visit:

There will be 10 stations of .22 rifle, 10 stations of air gun, 10
stations of .22 pistol, and 6 stations of shotgun. Additionally, there
will be a map & compass course, a hunter skills trail, field archery,
living history reenactors, a climbing tower, military vehicles and
displays, and much more.

All ranges will be supervised by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors and
NRA Range Safety Officers, and firearms, eye and ear protection, and
other equipment is included.