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Deaf student needs to change his name/ looks like a gun in sign language

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Thread: Deaf student needs to change his name/ looks like a gun in sign language

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    Ridiculous. I'll be writing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzburgh View Post
    Ridiculous. I'll be writing them.
    Precisely that. They should be held up to public ridicule, and are recieving it in spades.
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    So would a kid that can hear ans speak named "Gunther" have to change his name because to say it you have to say the word Gun? I don't see much difference. The answer for both should be NO. Under the ADA, federal law, I would think a mediocre lawyer could have a field day. That law says the institution has to make reasonable accommodations for the disability.
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    Expulsion of students for using words in sign language that merely resemble disapproved words. Gads, they're gonna have an apoplexy when they have the discussion of the U.S. Constitution.

    Of course, I'd fully expect them to fire the teachers for daring to incite use of "gun" words and "liberty" words, too. And of course, that'll probably never happen at such an absolutist place... at least, at that school district. The discussion on the Constitution, I mean. Or such firings.

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    Oh it gets much more fun than that. My son started going to a pre-k intervention program when he was 3, and was getting on a bus with kids that were K through 5th grade every morning. Somehow, someway, one of them picked up on the universal sign for up yours and other offers of a less than prurient nature -- you know that sign, the one finger that sticks up? Those kids on that bus used it for hello for almost a week before we got them all to understand that it was not a good sign.

    'Course he still remembers it.
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