Legal Q: What states disallow mere carry as justifying stop/detaining?

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Thread: Legal Q: What states disallow mere carry as justifying stop/detaining?

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    ccw9mm: the reason you're not getting the answers you want are because it's not written into the law. I know of no state that "specifically disallows" stopping someone carrying a gun. Usually, it's a court decision (like Terry v Ohio or the one DaveH posted) that determines the legality. States like VT and AZ don't require pemits, so their laws would likely be silent on the issue.

    OldVet actually had a valid suggestion--it would be easier to list the states where mere carrying does make you a suspect. These would include DC and NY, and states where OC is illegal (FL, TX, CA). Likely others as well.

    Mississippi law requires you to carry ID and CC permit whenever carrying concealed. This implies that if police somehow became aware you were armed they would be allowed to demand to see your ID and permit. For OC, the law is totally screwed up, so it would take a court ruling (and probably some appeals) to know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksholder View Post
    Just another good reason not to visit Florida. If their chief LEO cannot understand the law and the US & FL constitutions, then I see no reason to spend vacation $$$ there.
    Fortunately--so far--there's little evidence, if any, that LE departments are following her rash statement as authorization to commit such searches, etc. Most FL gun laws lean heavily in favor of the "legal" gun owner, both by statute and Constitution. Ms. Bondi seems to at time fit quite well into the "dizzy blonde" catagory.

    I wouldn't let her statement delay a trip to FL. While it may be full for folks from NY, the NY gun paranoia appears to have remained far north of the border.
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