Constitutional Carry Still Top Priority of Wisconsin Gun Owners.... ?
Posted on October 15, 2012 by Ammoland

Wisconsin --( It’s been nearly a year since Wisconsin’s concealed weapons law took effect.

My Comments: This article makes it look like the Gun Trainers are against Constitutional Carry, because they make money off of people.

.......Gun owners are busy doing lots of things to take advantage of the new law, but few are pushing to change or improve it. That is a mistake.


The other problem with Wisconsin’s CCW law is the cost to maintain the program. The license fees create a cottage industry of trainers. I know some who charge $100 per person for a four-hour class. I’m not suggesting they don’t believe strongly in what they’re doing, but the point is that this new business model creates vested interests that mitigate strongly against reforms toward less restriction. Everybody profits from the restrictions.

In fact, business is so lucrative several police departments across Wisconsin — including the Woodruff PD, New London PD and Greendale PD to name but a few — are now offering classes to the public for between $50-$100 a pop! Why would the enforcers of the law now be getting into the teaching business?

Gun Lobby: Where is the Unified Front?

The institutional gun lobby made a good show in the months leading up to public hearings during the last legislative session about how much they support Constitutional Carry. I suspected that this was just lip service to deal with the overwhelming grassroots support for SB93 (Constitutional Carry).

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