2A Discussion - Not a political Dicussion Please - Stolen gun report a sign of things

This is a discussion on 2A Discussion - Not a political Dicussion Please - Stolen gun report a sign of things within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Examiner.com November 9, 2012 By: David Codrea MY Comment: I cannot control for the Title of this article. Ignore the title and absorb the contents ...

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Thread: 2A Discussion - Not a political Dicussion Please - Stolen gun report a sign of things

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    2A Discussion - Not a political Dicussion Please - Stolen gun report a sign of things

    November 9, 2012
    By: David Codrea

    MY Comment: I cannot control for the Title of this article. Ignore the title and absorb the contents on how the Media and Anti-Gun Law Politicians are posturing, and how the NRA is played post-election, to see the current game plan. There is also good content here on how studies can be very misleading, and or used to be misleading. Draw your own conclusions.

    This is meant to be about 2A, not specific politicians.

    Stolen gun report a sign of things to come from Obama
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    I agree, it is a good article with a poor title, one definitely worthy of discussion in this forum with a lot of valid points for analysis and consideration. Here are some that jumped out at me along with my take:
    surveys are both useful to feed the exploitable meme that gun ownership is falling in contrast to widely corroborated evidence saying otherwise,
    Once again, one of my favorite sayings applies: figures don't lie, but liars do figure. Along with the fact that 86% of all statistics are simply made up. The numbers can always be cherry picked to fit a desired conclusion. One needs to be aware of this and realize that the liars will try to use this to achieve their agenda.
    The numbers will also be useful for those (meaning every major “gun control”-pushing politician and organization out there) to mandate what they call “safe storage” laws
    As we have said on this forum many times, we all have a duty to be responsible owners. To fail to do so is to encourage the nanny state to try to legislate it, which won't work because it is a form of trying to legislate morality.
    we see the press spreading the “NRA paper tiger” meme (snip) United States has agreed to resume talks on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty just the morning after Obama retook the White House
    The UN Arms treaty is a red herring used as a scare tactic by the pro-gun organizations to garner support, which brings me to the real nugget of the article.
    We can see such new-found confidence just days after Barack Obama won his second term, as NRA’s emboldened enemies perceive vulnerability in the heretofore feared NRA political “monolith.”
    There are several similar type statements in this article which all amount to the same concepts: Obama winning re-election and a weakening of the pro-gun lobbies. I have said several times in this forum that the pro-gun populace can be their own worst enemy. (I am going to go slightly political here and I would beg the moderators pardon on this as I bring this up as both 2A related and as an objective assessment of how the pro-gun supporter is viewed, not as a position opinion.) The last election season brought out a lot of statistical and demographic analysis, for example Nate Silver and is 358. These analysts provided a non-partisan, non-political view of the make up of the candidate supporters and drew the conclusion that the core Republican party, which is typically associated (sometimes inaccurately) with pro-gun positions, is made up of a diminishing demographic. The analyst managed to correctly predict the election outcome with a very high degree of accuracy; an outcome that was truly a surprise to the Republican candidate and his core supporters. This analysis has emboldened the political left, who has also learned that the most, if not only, effective tactic is to attempt to discredit their opposition (see note below). The objective of statements like NRA Paper Tiger spending Millions and losing is a perfect example of this. For the pro-gun rights people to align themselves with the far political right is a dangerous position and one that will continue to draw this sort of criticism and they will run the risk of being marginalized due to association with other social and political issues.

    During my tenure in this forum, I have consistently spoken out against political extremism, liberal bashing, and other forums of partisan posturing. I have argued that as more people, from various walks of life and backgrounds recognize and embrace their rights to self defense that it is imperative for the pro-gun community to recognize and embrace the changes, even if it is not palatable to some. Of course this will require the supporters to choose what is important to them and if support of your gun rights is at or near the top of your list then you need to chose and act accordingly. If we, as a community, fail to do so, we will find ourselves in a position where our hard fought rights are in extreme jeopardy. Lets be clear, however, the answer is NOT to swing further to the hard right but rather to distance ourselves from and position ourselves above it.

    (*Note: this blog series discusses the authoritarian personality and links it to the conservative position. I believe that many of it's principles also equally apply to the liberal anti-gun zealots. I bring it up because it explains why logic and reason fail to be persuasive and why the tactic of discrediting is effective. I recommend reading it along with the Tunnels and Bridges series by the same author.
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